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Rock 'N' Roll singer Chuck Berry doing a one-legged hop style "duckwalk" while playing the guitar. Chuck Berry Duckwalk.png
Rock 'N' Roll singer Chuck Berry doing a one-legged hop style "duckwalk" while playing the guitar.

The duckwalk is a form of locomotion performed by assuming a low partial squatting position and walking forwards, maintaining the low stance. It is similar to stalking and prowling. [1] It is most widely known as a stage element of guitar showmanship popularized by rock 'n' roll guitarist Chuck Berry. [2] [3] It is also a physical exercise commonly used in military training.


Chuck Berry's other guitar playing stunt, his one-legged hop routine with the other leg waving in the air is also known as a duckwalk. [4]


While the origins of the duckwalk have been traced as far back as T-Bone Walker who already during the 1930s performed dance moves while playing his guitar, it was Chuck Berry who made the duckwalk popular and who is often credited as the inventor. He first used it as a child when he walked "stooping with full-bended knees, but with my back and head vertical" under a table to retrieve a ball and his family found it entertaining; he used it when "performing in New York for the first time and some journalist branded it the duck walk." [5] [6] Chuck Berry performs duckwalk in songs such as the 1956 "rock, rock, rock!" and 1973's "Sweet Little Rock and Roller". [7]


Angus Young of Australian hard rock band AC/DC also does a duckwalk, in the form of a one-legged hop, in his shows. [8]

Military training exercise

Airmen duck walk with their weapons held atop of their heads during the Air Force Pararescuemen Indoctrination "Hell Week" Course, September 6, 2011, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Airmen duck walk with their weapons held atop of their heads.jpg
Airmen duck walk with their weapons held atop of their heads during the Air Force Pararescuemen Indoctrination "Hell Week" Course, September 6, 2011, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

This exercise is used to strengthen the ankles and thighs. It is also a test of balance, flexibility, and agility. [9]

MEPS physical test

The duckwalk is one out of 25 exercises in the physical test at United States Military Entrance Processing Command (MEPS). The duckwalk tests to see if a trainee is flat footed or if it hurts to perform the exercise. It also makes sure that the trainee has proper ranges of motion. Trainees who fail the duckwalk are temporarily suspended from MEPS and have to try again at a later date. [10] [11]

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Billy Peek is an American rock and roll and blues guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, producer. Billy Peek has recorded, toured and played as lead guitarist for rock icon Rod Stewart for five years. Billy Peek has recorded, toured and performed with rock legend Chuck Berry and was the backing band for Chuck Berry's European tour. Peek continuously performs with his own band throughout the U.S.

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Chuck is the eponymous twentieth and final studio album by American rock and roll singer and guitarist Chuck Berry, released in June 2017. Berry died between the announcement of its recording on his 90th birthday in October 2016 and its release. It posthumously became his first UK Top 10 chart entry since 1977, debuting at No. 9. This is the first Berry studio album to be released in almost four decades. It was positively received by critics who considered it a return to form and a poignant last statement.


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