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E. V. Saroja (1935 - 2006) was an Indian actress and dancer. She was born on 3 November, 1935 as Engan V. Saroja. [1] She belonged to Engan village of Thiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu. [2]


Her debut film was En Thangai in 1952 starring M. G. Ramachandran.



She died of heart failure in Chennai on Friday 3 November 2006. [2]

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Saraswathi Sundaresan Iyer, professionally known as Kumari Sachu is an Indian actress who has acted in more than 500 films in five different languages and a few television serials. She is a character actress/comedienne who has nonchalantly blended into the roles she has portrayed over five decades. She made her film début in 1953 in the film Rani at the age of 4, and has since then been a prominent face on the silver screen. Since 1995, she has started acting in television serials. In 2012, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha in Chennai, honored Kumari Sachu with the Nadaga Soodamani award.

The South Indian film industry produced colour films since the 40s, especially the Kollywood. The earliest colour films in India were also produced in South India.

Hemalatha was an Indian actress of Telugu cinema, of Andhra Pradesh, India. She acted in more than 100 films during the 1950s to 1976. The first movie she acted was Palletooru. She retired from movies in 1976, with Seethamma Santhanam being the film she last appeared. After retiring from movies, she was involved in Brahma Kumaris movement in Hyderabad till her death.


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