Erich Eriksen

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Erich Eriksen
Born13 September 1882
Other namesFritz Max Erich Joseph Eriksen
Years active1919-1929 (film)

Erich Eriksen was a German film director of the silent era. [1]


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The Woman with That Certain Something is a 1925 German silent film directed by Erich Schönfelder and starring Rudolf Lettinger, Lee Parry and Bruno Kastner.

Lena Warnstetten is a 1925 German silent film directed by Erich Eriksen and starring Grete Reinwald and William Dieterle..

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National Film or National-Film was a German film production and distribution company which operated during the silent and early sound era. In the early 1920s it made an attempt to take over Erich Pommer's Decla-Bioscop, but the projected merger failed and Decla instead joined with the major studio UFA. While Decla was generally in favour of joining with National, it was pressured by its creditors Deutsche Bank to merge with UFA.

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Set Me Free in a 1924 German silent film directed by Erich Eriksen and starring Grete Reinwald, Carl Auen, and Anna von Palen.

Marionettes of the Princess is a 1924 German silent drama film directed by Frederic Zelnik and starring Gertrude Welcker, Rudolf Forster and Erich Kaiser-Titz.

The Proud Silence is a 1925 German silent film directed by Erich Eriksen and starring Colette Brettel, Ernst Winar and Ernst Pittschau.


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