FK Arendal

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FK Arendal
Full nameFotballklubben Arendal
Founded29 May 2000
Dissolved2 June 2008
GroundLunderød stadion, Arendal

FK Arendal is a defunct Norwegian football club from Arendal which existed from 2000 to 2008. At its peak it played in the third tier of the Norwegian league system. After its bankruptcy, a new, unrelated club called Arendal Fotball was started.



FK Arendal was founded in 2000 as an umbrella team for the local clubs Arendal BK, FK Favør, IK Grane, Rygene IL, IL Sørfjell, IF Trauma, Øyestad IF and Hisøy IL. FK Arendal replaced Øyestad in the league system from the 2001 season. All the founding clubs still existed, however, and played in the league system – although Favør only had a women's section.

FK Arendal won promotion to the Second Division following a victorious 2003 season. Although relegated after one season, it was promoted back up for the 2007 season. The club was again relegated after only one season.

In 2008 it went bankrupt, and ceased to exist.

Season by season record

SeasonLeague Cup Top goalscorer
2001 3rd Division 2210664638364thQR2Svein Olaf Olsbu12
2002 3rd Division 2217238431531stR1Kevin Svenningsen26
2003 3rd Division 2216429123521stR1Svein Olaf Olsbu34
2004 2nd Division 26631731672113thR1Kevin Svenningsen10
2005 3rd Division 2011365731365thQR1Thomas Leveraas Johansen11
2006 3rd Division 2215348030481stR1Kevin Svenningsen26
2007 2nd Division 26641629552214thR2 Armin Sistek 11
2008 3rd Division 7412241313DQR1Svein Olaf Olsbu11
ChampionsRunners-up Promoted Relegated

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