Fabrizio De Angelis

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Fabrizio De Angelis
Other namesLarry Ludman
OccupationDirector, screenwriter, producer

Fabrizio De Angelis is an Italian director, screenwriter and producer.


Life and career

Born in Rome, De Angelis started his career in the 1970s as a producer of genre films, often collaborating with Lucio Fulci, Joe D'Amato, Enzo G. Castellari and Umberto Lenzi. [1] In 1983 he adopted the stage name Larry Ludman and debuted as director and screenwriter with the action film Thunder Warrior , whose success led to two sequels. [1] [2] He got another major success with Il ragazzo del kimono d'oro (aka Karate Warrior), a ripoff of The Karate Kid which generated six films and a TV miniseries, all written, produced and directed by De Angelis. [1] [2]

Selected filmography

TitleYearCredited asNotesRef(s)
Violent Rome 1975YesProduction manager [3] [4]
Violent Naples 1976Yes [3] [5]
Emanuelle Around the World 1977Yes [6] [7]
Zombi 2 1979Yes [8] [9]
Day of the Cobra 1980YesExecutive producer [10]
The Beyond 1981Yes [11]
The House by the Cemetery Yes [12]
The New York Ripper 1982Yes [13] [14]
Manhattan Baby Yes [15] [16]
1990: The Bronx Warriors Yes [17]
The New Barbarians 1983Yes [18] [19]
Operation Nam 1986YesYesYesYesScreen story writer [20]
Paganini Horror 1989Yes [21]
Zombie Holocaust N/AYesScreen story writer [22]
Thunder Warrior N/AYesYes [23]
Impatto mortaleN/AYesYes [24]
Man Hunt N/AYesYes [25]
Thunder Warrior II N/AYesYesYesScreen story writer [26]
Colpo di StatoN/AYesYesYesScreen story writer, set designer [27]
Karate Warrior N/AYesYesYesScreen story writer [28]
Il ragazzo dal kimono d'oro 2N/AYesYesYesScreen story writer [29]
Killer Crocodile N/AYesYesYesScreen story writer [30]


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