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Genre Soap opera
Created byHerman Verbaet
StarringSee Current main cast
Opening theme
Country of originBelgium
No. of seasons31
No. of episodes7000+
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time25–35 minutes (with occasional 50-90 minute episodes)
Production companies
  • Studio's Amusement (1991-2006)
  • Studio-A / Tv Bastards (2006-2018)
  • Zodiak Belgium (2018-2021)
  • Banijay Belgium (2021-)
Original network VTM
Original release30 December 1991 (1991-12-30) 

Familie (Dutch for Family) is a Flemish television soap opera set in Mechelen. Created by Herman Verbaet, Familie was first broadcast on 30 December 1991. It has been broadcast consistently for 5-6 evenings per week, with only 2-3 month hiatuses during summer. It is currently being produced by Banijay Belgium and running on VTM.



Pierre Van den Bossche and Anna Dierckx have raised three children. Their oldest son Guido is a bright student, eager to become a business mogul. His younger brother Jan and sister Rita are less gifted and often feel pushed back, but are nevertheless proud of their sibling. Once the children are starting their own family lives, shocking news arrives: Anna is pregnant again and Pierre has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. Pierre dies weeks before the birth of his daughter Marleen. Anna is devastated, but decides to stay strong.

Start of the series

Anna still mourns her deceased husband Pierre, but as she is turning 65 years old she is also happy to see her children are all doing well. Marleen is now a young adult studying at a fashion academy. Guido has successfully founded the VDB Systems electronics company, is married to the eccentric Marie-Rose De Putter and has two children: Peter and Veronique. Jan also works for the company and married to Monique Stevens, he also has two children: Bart and Mieke. Rita has been struggling due to the death of her first son Paul, the illness of her second son Pierrot and the ongoing rivalry with her sister-in-law Marie-Rose, but manages to find happiness in her singing career and her husband Dirk Cockelaere.

Development of the main characters

Marleen marries school teacher Ben Van der Venne. When she turns out to be infertile, the couple enters a long adoption procedure. On the day little Lovely finally arrives, fate strikes as Marleen gets fatally hit by a car while crossing the street. Ben has a hard time raising Lovely as a single father, but gets close help of Anna and her new live companion Albert. Eventually, Ben signs on for a development project in Africa and takes Lovely with him, after which contact fades. Years later, grown up Lovely comes to spend a couple of years in Belgium and tells her family that Ben has died.

After losing another child, Rita starts suffering a severe alcohol addiction. Dirk leaves her while she is pregnant of their third child, causing Rita to have a mental breakdown and trying to murder Guido and Marie-Rose. Rita ends up in prison, where she gives birth to another son, which she calls Pierrot again. After being released, she marries fellow alcoholic Rob Gerrits, yet both help each other to get their lives back on track. The family embraces her again and keeps a close eye on her, but cannot prevent her from a handful returns to drinking, such as the one following her divorce from Rob. She eventually revives her music career by signing on as a singer and animator on sea cruises. Pierrot grows up to be a very socially committed young man. After a failed career as a street worker, he moves to South America as a development aid.

Guido is still a successful and well-respected businessman, but his personal life takes quite a few hits, such as his divorce from the adulterous Marie-Rose and the alleged death of their son Peter. Guido survives multiple murder attempts by his professional enemy Didier De Kunst, yet one of those makes him end up in a wheelchair for many years to follow. Luck seems to get back to his side when Peter turns out to be alive, but shortly after this joyful event, Guido dies following a stabbing incident. Peter rises as his father's successor, while Veronique establishes a fashion company. Years after, the two companies merge into a holding in which both siblings maintain management positions. Workaholic Veronique is having a troubled relationship with her son Cedric, who blames her for having neglected him his whole life. Peter's daughter Louise leaves for a sabbatical in Australia before deciding how to start adulthood. Both Peter and Veronique have been married several times. Peter is currently single, while Veronique is dating the holding's current CEO Lars De Wulf.

Jan gets married two more times, with Nele Van Winckel and Linda Desmedt, which leads to three more children: Maarten, Leen and Guido Jr, the latter named after Jan's deceased brother. His professional life highlights when he gets appointed mayor, yet after his return to VDB he keeps getting downgraded until he decides to quit and take over the local café. Bart becomes an engineer and has a long run at VDB, while marrying Brenda Vermeir and getting two children: Hannah, who grows up to be a fashion designer for VDB, and Jelle, who wants to become a professional soccer player. After Brenda dies in a car accident, Bart starts a relationship with Peter's ex-wife Trudy Tack de Rixart de Waremme. The couple moves to Dubai, where Bart is pursuing a new career. Mieke spends her first years of adulthood doing development aid in Africa and South America. Back in Belgium, she marries Marc De Waele and gets a son Lennert, but father and son eventually die in a car crash. During her next marriage with Wim Veugelen, she has a miscarriage and becomes infertile. When she starts working as a nurse in the local hospital, she has an affair with one of the doctors, leading to her divorce. Eventually she enters a surprising but successful marriage with the younger Niko Schuurmans. After an accident, she suffers a change in personality, leading her to quit welfare and start a business career at VDB. Maarten becomes a chef and gets his own restaurant, managed by VDB. After the death of his girlfriend Roos, he joins a development program in Asia. Leen becomes a doctor and works in the local hospital for a while, after which she decides to become a general practitioner. A medical suspension after having committed a flight crime, leads her to join a development program in Africa. She takes her son Arthur and boyfriend Faroud Kir with her. Guido Jr becomes a car mechanic and owns a garage together with one of his former classmates. He and his girlfriend Emma Verdonck get a daughter Mila. Later on, it is revealed that she was switched with another child right after birth, and that a girl named Milou is their real daughter. Guido and Emma meet the girl's father and they agree to co-parent.

Current main cast

Annie GeeraertsAnna Dierckx1991–present
Jef De SmedtJan Van den Bossche1991–present
Ray VerhaegheAlbert Thielens1992–present
Caroline MaesMieke Van den Bossche2002–present
Margot HallemansHannah Van den Bossche2006–2009, 2013–present
Peter BulckaenMathias Moelaert2008–present
Jo HensNiko Schuurmans2009–present
Sandrine André Veronique Van den Bossche2012–present
Roel VanderstukkenBenny Coppens2012–present
Werner De SmedtRudi Verbiest2013–present
Jan Van den BoschZjef De Mulder2013–present
Maxime De WinneMaxime De Winne2015–present
Kürt RogiersLars De Wulf2016–present
Vincent BanicGuido Van den Bossche2016–present
Jaak Van AsscheAlfons Coppens2016–present
Janine BisschopsBrigitte De Wulf2017–present
Yanni BourgignonCédric Moelaert2017–present
Karen Damen Vanessa Mariën2020–present
Aaron BlomaertRaven Rodeyns2020–present
Charlotte SiebenLouise Van den Bossche2021–present

Current supporting cast

Maarten CopJelle Van den Bossche2021-present
Jelle PalmaertsEmiel2021-present
Alix KonaduKato Vermeersch2021-present
Belinda VoorspoelsSamira Jibrell2021-present
Siegfried De DonckerKoen Peyskens2021-present
Jools Jatta JanssensJamila El Moussaoui2022-present
Amine BoujouhBrahim El Moussaoui2022-present
Senne MeynendonckxIlja El Moussaoui2022-present
Melissa HendrickxSterre2022-present

Former main cast

† Peter Van den BosscheGunther Levi1999–2022
† Marie-Rose De PutterMartine Jonckheere1991–1998, 2005–2015, 2018–2019, 2021–2022
Patrick PauwelsLudo Hellinx2012–2022
Jenny VerstevenHilde Van Haesendonck2014–2022
† Iris MassantMarianne Devriese2019-2021
Stefanie CoppensJasmijn Van Hoof2012–2016, 2017–2021
Simon FeyaertsBraam Verreth2015–2017, 2021
† Jonas VerstevenDavid Cantens2018, 2019–2021
Robyn VerstevenJits Van Belle2017–2020, 2020–2021
Amelie De WulfErika Van Tielen2016–2017, 2017–2020, 2020–2021
Viv NeyskensIni Massez2016–2018, 2021
Bart Van den BosscheChris Van Tongelen2001–2015, 2016, 2017–2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Liesbeth PauwelsHilde De Baerdemaeker2012–2016, 2017, 2020
Arno CoppensArthur Le Boudec2012–2015, 2015–2016, 2017, 2019, 2020
Emma VerdonckBab Buelens2014–2019
† Marie DevliegerLien Van de Kelder2017–2019
Jelle Van den BosscheFelix Jamaels2018–2019
Wout RaaffelsVincent-Laurent Seys2016–2018, 2019
† Evy HermansMarianne Devriese2013–2019
Maarten Van den BosscheMichael Vroemans2006–2013, 2014–2015, 2016, 2018
Ayo BuhariAdam Mensah2018
Leen Van den BosscheCathérine Kools2013–2018
Faroud KirBegir Memeti2014–2018
† Guido Van den Bossche (Senior)Karel Deruwe1991–1999, 2018
Louise Van den BosscheSarah-Lynn Clerckx2006–2018
Trudy Tack de Rixart de WaremmeSilvia Claes1998–2018
Stan LauwersKristof Verhassel2015–2018
† Wim VeugelenDavid Michiels2006–2009, 2016–2017
Cédric Van de CaveyeBas Van Weert2013–2017
Linda DesmetHilde Van Wesepoel2001–2017
Jelle Van den BosscheJens Gruyaert2006–2017
† June Van DammeKatrien De Becker2009–2016, 2017
Agnes MoelaertMonika Dumon2013–2014, 2014–2016
Guido Van den BosscheJelle Florizoone2015–2016
Rita Van den BosscheJacky Lafon1991–1996, 1997–2015
Guido Van den BosscheJordi Rottier2010–2015
† Thomas Van den Bossche-FeyaertsPieter Verelst2014–2015
Bert Van den BosscheSteven De Lelie2006–2011, 2013, 2015
Pierrot Van den BosscheGuillaume Devos2006–2012, 2013, 2014
Axel De MeesterBram Van Outryve2011–2012, 2014
Lovely Van der VenneVandana De Boeck2003–2006, 2013
Evy HermansSofie Truyen2006–2013
Victor PraetRobert De La Haye2009–2013
† Paul JacobsJohan De Paepe2007–2012
Veronique Van den BosscheAnne Somers1991–1994, 2001–2012
Hanne Van den BosscheEllen Van den Eynde2009–2012
† Caroline De MeesterKadèr Gürbüz2011–2012
† Rob GerritsErik Goris1998–2011
Mario Van de CaveyePatrick Vandersande2003–2011
† Brenda VermeirVicky Versavel1997–2001, 2002–2011
Leen Van den BosscheRuth Bastiaensen2006–2011
Morgane MaesTine Laureyns2009–2010
Els D'hollanderKristine Perpête1997–2009, 2010
Malika Van GilsSophie Van Everdingen2009–2010
IljoMichaël Vercauteren2009–2010
† Xavier LatourEric Kerremans2003–2009
† Christel FeremansIngrid Van Rensbergen2001–2009
Suzy MariënNele Snoeck2005–2009
Kobe DierckxStoffel Bollu2003–2009
Guy MaeterlinckLuk De Koninck1999–2007
Eline VaerenberghLulu Aertgeerts2005–2007
† Andreas MitsidesKristoff Clerckx2003–2007
René D'hollanderDirk Meynendonckx1997–2007
Heidi JanssensHelga Van der Heyden2003–2006
Leen Van den BosscheSaskia Raë1996–2006
Maarten Van den BosscheGianni Verschueren1997–2006
Pierrot Van den BosscheKristof Van de Vondel1995–2006
† Walter DierckxGuido Horckmans1991–2006
† Marc De WaeleJeron Amin Dewulf2003–2006
Koen LamoenGeert Hunaerts2000–2006
† Annemarie GovaertBrigitte De Man2003–2005
Tinne HuysmansVeva De Blauwe2000–2004
Bert Van den BosscheMout Uyttersprot2002–2004
† Sarah De KunstEls Meeus2000–2003
† Thomas MaeterlinckBert Vannieuwenhuyse1999–2003
Eric BervoetsStephane Croughs2002–2003
Nele Van WinckelHermine Selleslagh1994–2003
† Jo BervoetsJan Schepens2001–2002
† Monique StevensRiet Van Gool1991–2002
† Cathérine MisottenAn Nelissen2000–2002
† Vincent MisottenHugo Van den Berghe1999–2001
Veroniue Van den BosscheAnn-Christine Hendrickx1996–2001
† Didier De KunstRonny Waterschoot1993–1999, 2001
† Bertje BaetensMarc Lauwrys2000–2001
Henk TerjonckDieter Troubleyn1994–2001
† Femke MaeterlinckStéphanie Meire1999–2001
Bart Van den BosscheWim Van de Velde1997–2000
Mieke Van den BosscheLieselotte Mariën1991–1994, 1995–2000
Noortje MoortgatVeerle De Jonghe1997–1999
† Babette Van TichelenBieke Ilegems1992-1999
† Rikkert MoortgatRemco Van Damme1997–1999
† Lieve VleugelsLieve Desloovere1997–1999
Lenka WuytackPetra Winckelmans1995–1998
† Hugo BeckersHans Royaards1994–1998
Manou Van SteenTania Kloek1993–1997
MichelYves Michiels1995–1997
Bart Van den BosscheChristophe Du Jardin1991–1997
† François Van den BosscheBob Stijnen1992-1996
† Claire De RuyterNora Tilley1994–1996
Sarah De KunstDebbie Schneider1994–1996
Peter Van den BosscheErik Goossens1991–1995
Alex Le CroixDonald Madder1994–1995
Liliane FaesLiliane Raeymaekers1993-1994
† Simonne VercauterenNini Van der Auwera1992-1994
† Ben Van der VenneBen Rottiers1992–1994
† Marleen Van den BosscheHilde De Roeck1991–1993
† Pierrot CockelaereSteve Mees1991–1992


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