Farmers' Day

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Farmers' Day
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The 26th National Farmers Day celebration in the Ashanti region, Ghana.
Official nameFarmers' Day, National Farmers' Day
Observed byVarious countries
DateVaries by country

Farmers' Day or National Farmer's Day is a public holiday. In Pakistan, the Government recently pledged to celebrate it every year on December 18 following a proposal by a leading Pakistani fertilizer Company Fatima Group. It is celebrated on December 23 in India [1] and October 12 in the United States of America. [2]


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The National Farmers' Day in Pakistan, also known as Kissan Day, was celebrated for the first time in the Country's history on December 18, 2019 in Islamabad as was also acknowledged by the Country's Prime Minister Imran Khan. The idea was proposed by Pakistan's leading Fertilizer manufacturing company Fatima Group in favor of promoting farmer welfare and prosperity while celebrating Pakistan's first farmers' day on December 18, 2019 during a special event in Islamabad which was acknowledged and endorsed by the Country's premier.


In America, it is observed on 12 October every year. It is celebrated to pay tribute to all farmers throughout American history. [3]


The National Farmers' Day in Ghana is an annual celebration of farmers and fishermen, observed on the first Friday of December. On the occation of Farmers' Day, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (Ghana) honors with special awards to deserving farmers and fishermen based on their practices and output. [4]


The National Farmers Day in India is also known as Kisan Divas in Hindi. [1] Farmer's Day is celebrated every year on 23 December [5] , on the birthday of the 5th Prime Minister of India, Choudhary Charan Singh, also a farmer's leader, who introduced many policies to improve the lives of the Indian farmers. [6] It is celebrated by organising various programs, debates, seminars, quiz competitions, discussions, workshops, exhibitions, essays writing competitions and functions. [1]


The National Farmers' Day is respectable day of 65% of total population in Nepal. Farmers Leader Dev Dhawal found [7] the National Farmers Day which is celebrated on 27 th Jestha (according to B.S. Nepali calendar) and supported by FSC Rupandehi and others farmers supporting NGO.


The National Farmers' Day in Zambia is observed on the first Monday Of August. [8]

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Europeans Pakistanis, or depending on the preference White Pakistanis, comprise residents of Pakistan who are of European origin.


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