First Nations

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First Nations usually refers to Indigenous peoples, for ethnic groups who are the earliest known inhabitants of an area.


First Nations, first nations, or first peoples may also refer to:

Indigenous groups

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Band or BAND may refer to:

Chinese may refer to:

Indian or Indians may refer to something or someone of, from, or associated with the nation of India or with the indigenous people of the Americas.

Mayo often refers to:

Spanish might refer to:

Aborigine, aborigine or aboriginal may refer to:

Turk or Turks may refer to:

People is the plural of "person" and may also refer to:

African or Africans may refer to:

This is a list of notable persons by nationality.

First person or first-person may refer to:

Minority may refer to:

Native Americans or Native American usually refers to Native Americans in the United States.

Kom or KOM may refer to:

The Choctaw Nation may refer to:

American Indians or American Indian may refer to:

Haida may refer to:

The terms Indian Country, Indian Reserve, Indian Reservation, Indian Territory and Indian Land may be easily confused. Articles on related topics are titled as follows:

An Indigenous court, also known as Aboriginal court, First Nations court, and other locally relevant terms, usually refers to specialist sentencing courts or modified court procedures for offenders who are Indigenous peoples of a colonised country. They include: