Freak Weather

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Freak Weather
Directed byMary Kuryla
Produced by Andrea Sperling
Alexis Magnagni-Seely
Written byMary Kuryla
Based onFreak Weather
by Mary Kuryla
Starring Jacqueline McKenzie
Jacob Chase
Aida Turturro
Music byJoe Gore
CinematographyArturo Smith
Edited byJoe D’Augustine
Gail Yasunaga
Release date
Running time
84 minutes [1]
87 minutes [2]
CountryUnited States

Freak Weather is a 1999 American drama film directed by Mary Kuryla and starring Jacqueline McKenzie, Jacob Chase and Aida Turturro. [2] It based on Kuryla's short story of the same name. [1]




Eddie Cockrell of Variety gave the film a mixed review and wrote, "Buried in ambitious intentions, Freak Weather is an audacious yet distasteful debacle that squanders terrific Aussie thesp Jacqueline McKenzie ( Romper Stomper , Deep Blue Sea ) as an abused g.f. who debases herself in a vain attempt to please her offscreen paramour." [1]

Noel Murray of The A.V. Club gave the film a negative review and wrote, "The movie starts out comically bizarre and becomes pointlessly violent, driven by behavior and characters so far outside the norm that they're useful only as metaphors for abandonment. Freak Weather also suffers from an overbearing heavy-metal score, and too many name actors in small roles." [2]

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