Garry Robbins

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Garry Robbins
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Born(1957-09-09)September 9, 1957
DiedDecember 11, 2013(2013-12-11) (aged 56)
Nationality Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Canadian
Years active1982–2008
Height2.26 m (7 ft 5 in)
Ring name(s) Canadian Destroyer
Canadian Giant
Demolition Hux
Doug Chevalier
Paul Bunyan
Billed height226 cm (7 ft 5 in)
Billed weight172 kg (379 lb)

Garry Robbins (September 9, 1957 – December 11, 2013) was a Canadian actor and professional wrestler.


Early life

Robbins was born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada in 1957. [1]

Acting career

Robbins was discovered working as a bouncer in a local bar and went on to act in his first feature film, Humongous . [2] In Wrong Turn , he played one of three disfigured brothers in the West Virginia mountains. With makeup and prosthetics by Stan Winston, he portrayed the character "Saw Tooth".

Professional wrestling career

Robbins wrestled all over the world, including for many promotions across Canada, for Global Wrestling Federation in the United States, for New Japan in Japan, for World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico and for Indo-Asian Wrestling in India. While in Japan he often worked tag team bouts teaming with Demolition Ax as "Demolition Hux". [3] He was also a stuntman, stunt coordinator, voiceover artist and bodyguard.


Robbins died of a heart attack at the age of 56 on December 11, 2013. [4] [5] [6]



2008 The Love Guru Biker
2006Tears of a ClownHenchman
2003 Wrong Turn Saw-Tooth
2002 Narc Biker
2000Jill RipsDavid Daniels(as Gary Robbins)
1999 Babel Wasco
Call of the Wild: Part 1Big Toe Blake
1998 My Date with the President's Daughter Biker #1TV movie
1997The ChampMike the Mauler
1996 The Stupids Extremely Tall Guy
Balance of PowerGiant Man
1995The WitnessCarl
Gladiator CopMongol
Blood MoneyDoorman
1994 In the Mouth of Madness Truck Driver
1993 TC 2000 The Giant(as Gary Robbins)
Back in ActionGiant
1989 Crazy as a Soup Sandwich Volkerps
1988 Short Circuit 2 Francis
1982 Humongous Ida's Son


2006Jeff Ltd.Henchman
1999 Due South Due South 'Big Toe' Blake The Call of the Wild List of Due South episodes#ep66
1997Wind at My BackMike 'The Mauler'
1996 Goosebumps Mud MonsterYou Can't Scare Me!
1995 Due South Due South CarlWitness List of Due South episodes#ep66
Forever KnightDoorman
1989 The Twilight Zone Volkerps Crazy as a Soup Sandwich

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