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Gerald Barry was a British stage and film actor. He also co-directed the 1936 film The Last Waltz with Leo Mittler. [1]

<i>The Last Waltz</i> (1936 French film) 1936 film by Leo Mittler in French

The Last Waltz is a 1936 French-British operetta film directed by Leo Mittler, and starring Jean Martinelli, Jarmila Novotna, and Armand Bernard. It was based on the 1920 operetta The Last Waltz by Oscar Straus.

Leo Mittler (1893–1958) was an Austrian playwright, screenwriter and film director. Mittler was born in Vienna, then the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to a Jewish family. He attended the University of Music and Performing Arts and worked as a playwright and director in the German theatre. Mittler then switched to work in the booming German film industry during the silent era.


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<i>Girl of the Port</i> 1930 film directed by Bert Glennon

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The Last Waltz is a 1936 British musical film directed by Leo Mittler, and starring Jarmila Novotna, Harry Welchman, and Gerald Barry. Barry also provided some assistance with the direction. It was made at the Billancourt Studios in Paris as the English-language version of the French film La dernière valse. It was part of a trend of operetta films during the middle of the decade, and was based on the 1920 operetta The Last Waltz by Oscar Strauss.

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