Henri Ernest Baillon

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Henri Ernest Baillon
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Diploglottis cunninghamii, Baillon's Dictionnaire de botanique Diploglottis cunninghamii - Baillon.jpg
Diploglottis cunninghamii, Baillon's Dictionnaire de botanique

Henri Ernest Baillon was a French botanist and physician. He was born in Calais on 30 November 1827 and died in Paris on 19 July 1895.

Baillon spent his professional life as a professor of natural history, and he published numerous works on botany. He was appointed to the Légion d'honneur in 1867 and joined the Royal Society in 1894.

Baillon put together the "Dictionnaire de botanique", for which Auguste Faguet produced the wood engravings. The plant genus Baillonia (family Verbenaceae) was named in his honor by Henri Théophile Bocquillon. [1]

Selected publications

The standard author abbreviation Baill. is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name. [2]

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