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Iltalehti wordmark.svg
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Alma Media
Founded1980;41 years ago (1980)
Political alignment Neutral [1]
Headquarters Helsinki
Circulation 78,617 (2013)
Sister newspapers Aamulehti

Iltalehti (literally "Evening newspaper") [2] is a tabloid newspaper published in Helsinki, Finland.


History and profile

Iltalehti was established in 1980 [3] as afternoon edition of newspaper Uusi Suomi .[ citation needed ] Alma Media is the owner of Iltalehti [3] which is based in Helsinki. [4] Its sister newspapers are Aamulehti and Kauppalehti . [5] Iltalehti is published in tabloid format [6] six times per week. [7] [8]

Petri Hakala served as the editor-in-chief of Iltalehti. [4] On 1 September 2010 Panu Pokkinen was appointed to the post. [9] His term ended in December 2013 when Petri Hakala was reappointed to the post. [10]


The circulation of Iltalehti was 105,059 copies in 1993. [11] The 2001 circulation of the paper was 134,777 copies, making it the fourth most read newspaper in Finland. [7] In 2002 Iltalehti had a circulation of 132,836 copies on weekdays. [4] The circulation of the paper was 126,000 copies in 2003, making it the fourth best selling newspaper in the country. [5] [12] The 2004 circulation of the paper was 130,000 copies. [13]

The paper had a circulation of 130,290 copies in 2005 [6] [14] and of 133,007 copies in 2006. [15] Its circulation was 131,150 copies in 2007. [6] In 2008 Iltalehti was the third largest newspaper in Finland. [16] Of tabloid newspapers, the paper had a market share of 40% and its biggest (and only) rival Ilta-Sanomat had a market share of 60% in 2008. [16] Its circulation was 122,548 copies in 2008 and it dropped to 112,778 copies in 2009. [17] It was 107,052 copies in 2010 [17] and 102,124 copies in 2011. [8] It fell to 91,219 copies in 2012 [14] and to 78,617 copies in 2013. [18]

In 2010 the online version of Iltalehti was the most visited website in Finland in 2010 and was visited by 1,937,156 people per week. [19]

In May 2015 it was the 6th the most popular website in the country according to Alexa. [20]

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