In Silence (album)

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In Silence
Studio album by Fra Lippo Lippi
Released 1981
Genre Post-punk, gothic rock
Label Uniton
Fra Lippo Lippi chronology
In Silence
Small Mercies

In Silence is the debut studio album by Norwegian band Fra Lippo Lippi. It was released in 1981 through record label Uniton. The album's gothic post-punk sound was heavily influenced by bands such as Joy Division and The Cure. [1] [2]

Norway constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe

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Fra Lippo Lippi is a Norwegian band. They had several hits in the 1980s, such as "Shouldn't Have to Be Like That", "Everytime I See You" and "Light and Shade", and recorded a new album as late as 2002. The band name is derived from Robert Browning's poem about the Renaissance painter Filippo Lippi.

Post-punk is a broad type of rock music that emerged from the punk movement of the 1970s, in which artists departed from the simplicity and traditionalism of punk rock to adopt a variety of avant-garde sensibilities and diverse influences. Inspired by punk's energy and DIY ethic but determined to break from rock cliches, artists experimented with sources including electronic music and black styles like dub, funk, free jazz, and disco; novel recording and production techniques; and ideas from art and politics, including critical theory, modernist art, cinema and literature. Communities that produced independent record labels, visual art, multimedia performances and fanzines developed around these pioneering musical scenes, which coalesced in cities such as London, New York, Manchester, Melbourne, Sydney, and San Francisco.


Track listing

All tracks written by Rune Kristoffersen, except "Recession", written by Kristoffersen and Morten Sjøberg.

Rune Kristoffersen is a Norwegian musician, best known for being the founder and bassist of the new wave/pop rock band Fra Lippo Lippi.

Side A
1."Out of the Ruins"3:17
2."A Moment Like This"3:34
3."In Silence"4:37
Side B
1."The Inside Veil"4:24
2."I Know"4:27

Critical reception

In their retrospective review, AllMusic panned the album, calling it "arguably the only unlistenable LP in Fra Lippo Lippi's career. [...] Fra Lippo Lippi were still trying to find themselves on In Silence; the band sounds lost, unable to find a hook that wasn't borrowed from The Cure or Joy Division." [1] In their review of The Early Years , a compilation album comprising In Silence and the group's second album, Small Mercies , Tiny Mix Tapes called In Silence "the more interesting of the two" and the album "so strangely similar [to Joy Division] [it's] almost like having a new Joy Division/New Order album." [3]

<i>The Early Years</i> (Fra Lippo Lippi album) compilation album by Fra Lippo Lippi

The Early Years is a compilation album by Norwegian new wave band Fra Lippo Lippi, consisting of the band's first two albums - In Silence (1981) and Small Mercies (1983).

<i>Small Mercies</i> (album) album by Fra Lippo Lippi

Small Mercies is the second album by Norwegian group Fra Lippo Lippi and the first to feature new lead vocalist Per Øystein Sørensen. In contrast to the new wave sound of the band's debut album In Silence, the addition of Sørensen gave Small Mercies and the band's further recordings a more pop-oriented feel.

<i>Tiny Mix Tapes</i> website

Tiny Mix Tapes is an online music and film webzine that focuses primarily on new music and related news. In addition to its reviews, it is noted for its subversive, political, and sometimes surreal news, as well as its mixtape generator.


In Silence, along with Small Mercies , was re-issued by Rune Arkiv in 2003 as the compilation album The Early Years .

Rune Grammofon is a Norwegian record label founded in 1998 by Rune Kristoffersen. Rune Grammofon's reputation for lovingly issued experimental electronic music, jazz, and improvised music by Norwegian artists has grown over the years with its artists being featured heavily in magazines such as The Wire and Plan B.


Fra Lippo Lippi

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Per Øystein Sørensen Norwegian musician

Per Øystein Sørensen is a Norwegian singer and songwriter, best known as the vocalist of the new wave/synthpop band Fra Lippo Lippi.

<i>Songs</i> (Fra Lippo Lippi album) album by Fra Lippo Lippi

Songs is the third studio album by Norwegian new wave band Fra Lippo Lippi. Originally released in 1985 by the band's own label, Easter Productions, Songs received favorable reviews and sold around 5,000 copies without any means of promotion.

<i>Light and Shade</i> (Fra Lippo Lippi album) 1987 studio album by Fra Lippo Lippi

Light and Shade is the fourth studio album by Norwegian new wave band Fra Lippo Lippi. It was recorded in Los Angeles, California and produced by Walter Becker.

<i>Dreams</i> (Fra Lippo Lippi album) 1992 studio album by Fra Lippo Lippi

Dreams is the sixth studio album by Norwegian band Fra Lippo Lippi.

<i>In a Brilliant White</i> album by Fra Lippo Lippi

In a Brilliant White is the seventh studio album by Norwegian group Fra Lippo Lippi; this time, with vocalist Per Øystein Sørensen as the sole member. The band's first studio album in more than a decade, it contains mostly Sorensen's works and was initially produced and released only in the Philippines by EMI Music Philippines in 2002.

<i>The Best of Fra Lippo Lippi 85–95</i> compilation album by Fra Lippo Lippi

The Best of Fra Lippo Lippi '85–'95 is a compilation album by Norwegian new wave band Fra Lippo Lippi. It covers the band's musical career from their 1985 album Songs to their 1992 album Dreams, plus the new songs "Everybody Everywhere" and "If You Were in My Shoes".

The Virgin Years – Greatest Hits is a compilation album by Norwegian new wave band Fra Lippo Lippi released exclusively in the Philippines. Unlike the 1995 compilation The Best of Fra Lippo Lippi '85-'95, this album contains the original recordings of songs from the band's albums Songs and Light and Shade; this was made possible by OctoArts Records' partnership with EMI, the parent company of the band's former record label Virgin Records.

<i>The Best of Fra Lippo Lippi</i> 2003 compilation album by Fra Lippo Lippi

The Best of Fra Lippo Lippi is a compilation album by Norwegian new wave band Fra Lippo Lippi. This album is basically a reissue of the band's '85-'95 compilation, but with a slightly different track order, the song "Angel" replacing "If You Were in My Shoes" and the addition of the live version of "Everytime I See You".

<i>Crash of Light</i> live album by Fra Lippo Lippi

Crash of Light is a live album by Norwegian new wave band Fra Lippo Lippi. It was originally prepared for the band's revived record label Uniton Records, but was never released in Norway due to legal problems with their distributor. The album was eventually released on LP, CD and cassette in the Philippines by OctoArts International in 1990.

<i>The Essential Fra Lippo Lippi: Essence & Rare</i> compilation album by Fra Lippo Lippi

The Essential Fra Lippo Lippi: Essence & Rare is a compilation album by Norwegian new wave band Fra Lippo Lippi released in the Philippines by EMI.

Per Hillestad is a Norwegian musician (drums) and record producer, known as drummer in Lava and was contributing in releases by a-ha, Vamp, Jonas Fjeld, Bjølsen Valsemølle and Marius Müller.

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3 is the sixth album by Susanna, and the third release in duo with Morten Qvenild as Susanna and the Magical Orchestra, released on the label Rune Grammofon.


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