In the Presence of Mine Enemies (film)

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In the Presence of Mine Enemies
In the Presence of Mine Enemies 1997 TV film DVD cover.jpg
DVD cover
Written by Rod Serling original script
Directed by Joan Micklin Silver
Starring Armin Mueller-Stahl
Charles Dance
Elina Löwensohn
Chad Lowe
And Introducing Jason Schwartz as Israel
Country of origin United States
Original languageEnglish
Original release1997 (1997)

In the Presence of Mine Enemies is a 1997 Showtime TV movie about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in World War II.

The film is a remake of an original TV drama scripted by Rod Serling for Playhouse 90, titled In the Presence of Mine Enemies , starring Charles Laughton. [1]

The plot centres on a rabbi (played in the 1997 version by Armin Mueller-Stahl), and his children (Elina Lowensohn and Don McKellar). The movie also features Charles Dance as a German officer, and introducing Jason Schwartz as Israel leader of the orphan rebellion. [2]

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