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Inbavalli poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by S. Nottani
Story byElangovan
P. A. Kumar
Starring T. R. Mahalingam
B. S. Saroja
CinematographyV. B. Jagtab
Edited by S. Nottani
Music by G. Ramanathan
Shyamala Pictures
Distributed bySuper Pictures [1]
Release date
  • 16 September 1949 (1949-09-16)
Running time
15,465 ft.

Inbavalli is a 1949 Indian Tamil-language film directed by S. Nottani, starring T. R. Mahalingam and B. S. Saroja. [2]



It is a love story between a princess and the minister's son. Both of them grew up together and eventually fall in love with each other. However, the reigning queen has an idea of marrying her daughter to a prince. Learning this, the lovers elope together during a night. A massive hunt for them begins. There is a wily magician who is also interested in the princess. He finds the minister's son and captures him by his tricks. But an old lady saves the minister's son. She transforms him into a parrot. The parrot flies away and escapes. The palace dancer take refuge of the parrot. After many twists and turns finally the lovers are united. [2]



The film was produced by Shyamala Pictures and shot at Ratna Studios, Salem. The film is a folklore-genre tale with incredible twists. May be inspired by the classic The Arabian Nights, this film has scenes where humans are transformed into animals like bears and monkeys and also shows a kind of mirror in which one can see the past and the future. [2] Cinematography was handled by V. B. Jagtab. [3]


Music was composed by G. Ramanathan and lyrics were penned by Rajagopala Iyer and K. P. Kamatchi.

1"Anbe Perum Nidhiye"T. R. Mahalingam & P. A. Periyanayaki02:47
2"Dheiva Sothanai Thaano"P. A. Periyanayaki03:33
3"Thanguda Dingale"N. S. Krishnan & T. A. Madhuram
Poikaal Kudhirai Aattam
4"Jagadamba"P. A. Periyanayaki & P. Leela03:35 (02:43 – 06:18)
5"Eno Innum Vara Kaanen"T. R. Mahalingam03:44
6"Maalai Sooda Avar Vanthaaradi"P. Leela02:48
7"O Aiyaa Maare Vaarunga"02:14
8"Nee Thunai Purivaaiye"P. Leela02:37
9"Aaruyire Enathaasai Anbe Vaa"P. Leela02:24
10"Innum Vara Kaanene"P. A. Periyanayaki03:11
11"Inbamana Mohini Maane"T. R. Mahalingam & P. Leela03:20
12"Sambalame Elumichambazhame"N. S. Krishnan & T. A. Madhuram
13"Naadha En Aasai"T. R. Mahalingam & T. V. Rathnam02:13
14"Yaar Umai Polae"P. A. Periyanayaki04:27
15"Mandhirathin Perai Solli"N. S. Krishnan & T. A. Madhuram01:35

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