Initiation (1987 film)

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DVD cover
Directed byMichael Pearce
Produced byJane Ballantyne
Written byJames Barton
Based onOriginal idea by
Michael Pearce
Starring Bruno Lawrence
Rodney Harvey
Miranda Otto
Music byStephen Matters
Cinematography Geoffrey Simpson
Edited byDenise Haratzis
Distributed byGoldfarb
Release date
  • 1987 (1987)
Running time
88 minutes
Language English
BudgetA$3 million [1]

Initiation is a 1987 Australian adventure drama thriller film directed by Michael Pearce based on his idea and starring Bruno Lawrence and Rodney Harvey. [2]


Plot synopsis

Teenager Danny Molloy visits his father Nat on a lonesome farm in Australia after the death of his mother, who lives with a girlfriend and her daughter Stevie. Because work on the farm isn't going well, Nat begins to smuggle marijuana for a drug connection and so Danny catches a flight with him, only for the plane to crash in the middle of nowhere. Since his father is wounded, Danny has to search for help alone in the jungle.



The film was shot in Adelaide and the Blue Mountains. [3] It was completed in January 1987.


The film was pre-sold to US distributor Goldfarb for $850,000 but Goldfarb later backed out of this commitment claiming they did not have the money. [4] [5]


Bobby Smith was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 1987 AFI Awards.

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