Inspector Lewis

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Robert Lewis
Kevin Whately as Inspector Lewis, Oxford, August 2015.jpg
Kevin Whately as Robbie Lewis in Oxford, August 2015
First appearanceLast Bus to Woodstock, 1975 novel
The Dead of Jericho, 1987 TV
Last appearanceWhat Lies Tangled , 2015 TV
Portrayed by Kevin Whately (television) (1987–2015)
Christopher Douglas (BBC Radio) (1985)
Robert Glenister (BBC Radio) (1992–96)
Lee Ingleby (BBC Radio) (2017)
Andrew Bone (stage)
In-universe information
AliasRobbie, Rob, Bertie
TitleDetective Sergeant (novels, Morse)
Detective Inspector (Lewis)
OccupationPolice Detective in Thames Valley Police/Oxfordshire Police CID
SpouseValerie (deceased)
ChildrenLyn Lewis
Patrick Lewis

Detective Sergeant/Detective Inspector Robert "Robbie" Lewis is a fictional character in the Inspector Morse crime novels by Colin Dexter. The "sidekick" to Morse, Lewis is a detective sergeant in the Thames Valley Police, and appears in all 13 Morse novels. In the television adaptation, Inspector Morse , he is played by Kevin Whately. Following the conclusion of the series, Whately reprised the role as the lead character in Lewis , in which the character has been promoted to the rank of inspector.


Character history

Inspector Morse

Lewis is a sergeant on the staff of the Thames Valley Police in Oxford, England, and in Inspector Morse is assistant to the eponymous Detective Chief Inspector Morse. Although Lewis's given name is Robert (Robbie), he was rarely referred to as anything but "Sergeant Lewis" or "Lewis."

The background and personality of Lewis – a working class, easygoing family man with a Geordie accent  – is frequently contrasted with that of Morse Oxford educated, RP-accented, lifetime bachelor. Morse frequently uses these differences to insult or demean Lewis, perhaps from Morse's point of view in a playful manner, but Lewis is often not amused by the jabs. In his frustration, Lewis is often more in step with their joint superior Chief Superintendent Strange, himself an evident supporter of Lewis; however, despite a great respect towards Strange, Lewis is always unflinchingly loyal to Morse and follows his lead.

In Inspector Morse, Lewis is often shown following a hunch that Morse criticises, and in the end Lewis is usually proved correct, or at least more correct than Morse. Near the end of the television series, Lewis moves on in his career and takes a promotion. With the end of Inspector Morse and the death of its star, John Thaw, Lewis's adventures had seemed to come to an end.

In the episode "The Dead of Jericho", Lewis tells Morse "It's also my birthday". The first victim is killed on 11 June, and this utterance occurs a few days to a week later. This puts Lewis' birthday in mid-June.

Lewis does not make an appearance in the episode "The Wench is Dead", as he is out of town on an inspector's course.


In the pilot episode, Lewis returns to Oxford from a two-year stint training police in the British Virgin Islands, following the death of his wife Valerie in a hit-and-run accident. Lewis still must work partly in the shadow of the now-five-years-dead Inspector Morse, who some time prior to his death had worked a case involving one of the murder suspects as a juvenile. In the new series, Lewis gains his own junior, Detective Sergeant James Hathaway (played by Laurence Fox), a Cambridge-educated man who joined the police after giving up training for the priesthood. Another staple of the series, pathologist Dr. Laura Hobson (played by Clare Holman), who appears late in the Morse series, continues on through all of the Lewis episodes as a witty part of the team, with a cynical sense of humour and as a romantic interest to him.

After Robbie retires (and before he returns to work at the request of their superior, Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent, played by Rebecca Front), Hathaway gains his own assistant, Detective Sergeant Elizabeth (Lizzie) Maddox (played by Angela Griffin). Maddox is black, married, smart, and usually very matter of fact, and occasionally shows a sense of humour in her work with James (and Robbie). In one episode, she is almost killed (an attempted murder by the villain of the episode).

The popularity of the one-off episode spurred the continuation of the story into a total of nine series comprising 33 episodes, the most recent airing in 2015. In the latest series, Lewis had retired from the police force, but is brought back as a consultant to work with Hathaway, who is now a detective inspector himself.


Two notable differences between the Lewis from the novels and Whately's portrayal is that Lewis in the novels is Welsh and in his early sixties. However, Colin Dexter has stated that the younger Lewis is an improvement on the character he originally created.[ citation needed ]

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Detective Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse, GM, is the eponymous fictional character in the series of detective novels by British author Colin Dexter. On television, he appears in the 33-episode drama series Inspector Morse (1987–2000), in which John Thaw played the character, as well as the (2012–) prequel series Endeavour, portrayed by Shaun Evans. The older Morse is a senior CID officer with the Thames Valley Police in Oxford in England and, in the prequel, Morse is a young detective constable rising through the ranks with the Oxford City Police and in later series the Thames Valley Police.

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<i>Lewis</i> (TV series) British television show

Lewis is a British television detective drama produced for ITV, first airing in 2006 (pilot) then 2007. It is a spin-off from Inspector Morse and, like that series, it is set in Oxford. Kevin Whately reprises his character Robert "Robbie" Lewis, who was Morse's sergeant in the original series. Lewis has now been promoted to detective inspector and is assisted by DS James Hathaway, portrayed by Laurence Fox, who was promoted to inspector before the seventh series. The series also stars Clare Holman as forensic pathologist Dr. Laura Hobson, likewise reprising her role from Inspector Morse and from the seventh season, Angela Griffin as DS Lizzie Maddox.

Detective Chief Superintendent Strange is a fictional character in the television series Inspector Morse, played by James Grout. The character also appears, as a Police Constable and Detective Sergeant, in the prequel series Endeavour, portrayed by Sean Rigby. Although Strange does not appear in every episode of Inspector Morse, he is present in the whole series from beginning to end. The intervening episodes from which he is absent are few in number. Strange's first name is never revealed in the Inspector Morse series.

Inspector Morse is a British detective drama television series based on a series of novels by Colin Dexter. It starred John Thaw as Detective Chief Inspector Morse and Kevin Whately as Sergeant Lewis. The series comprises 33 two-hour episodes produced between 1987 and 2000. Dexter made uncredited cameo appearances in all but three of the episodes.

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James Hathaway is the CID Detective Inspector working with Inspector Lewis in the ITV television series Lewis. He is played by Laurence Fox. Hathaway holds the rank of Detective Sergeant until the penultimate series of Lewis in 2014, in which he is promoted to the rank of Inspector following a brief break from the police.

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Chief inspector is a rank used in police forces which follow the British model. In countries outside Britain, it is sometimes referred to as chief inspector of police (CIP).

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Endeavour is a British television detective drama series. It is a prequel to the long-running Inspector Morse and, like that series, is set primarily in Oxford. Shaun Evans portrays the young Endeavour Morse beginning his career as a detective constable, and later as a detective sergeant, with the Oxford City Police CID.