Inspector Willoughby

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Inspector Willoughby
Woody Woodpecker character
First appearanceSalmon Yeggs (1958)
Last appearanceThe Case of the Elephant's Trunk (1965)
Created by Walter Lantz
Voiced by Dallas McKennon (1958–1965)
Daws Butler (1959–1960)
Maurice LaMarche (2000)
In-universe information
AliasInspector Seward Willoughby
NicknameSecret Agent 6 7/8
Species Human
OccupationSecret Agent

Inspector Willoughby is a cartoon character created by Walter Lantz, and named after the Hollywood avenue which runs alongside the building where Lantz's office was housed (at 861 Seward Street). 12 cartoons were produced between 1960 and 1965. [1] His cartoons were often shown on The Woody Woodpecker Show alongside Woody Woodpecker, Chilly Willy and Andy Panda. [2]



Inspector Willoughby (AKA Secret Agent 6 7/8) was a secret agent with droopy eyes, a bushy mustache, and laconic voice. He solved mysteries and fought crime. [2] He was very similar to Tex Avery's Droopy in voice and stature. When on the job, he always goes after any villains which ends with them behind bars. Despite his diminutive height, he is able to physically restrain and use impressive judo moves on men twice his size. It was established in the cartoon short "Mississippi Slow Boat" that his first name is Stuart.

Inspector Willoughby also had other jobs outside of his secret agent work, such as a truant officer, male nurse, and park ranger. It has been speculated that he has relatives in those jobs. The first appearance of a Willoughby character was a cannery security guard in Salmon Yeggs (1958). Although small bald men have also been seen in The Clip Joint , Billion Dollar Boner and Hunger Strife , they were not "true" Willoughbies.


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