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Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
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Location Newark, Delaware, United States
Key peopleKevin Finn, Mark Edelson, Kevin Davies
Iron Hill's 2018 King of the Hill membership mugs. 2018 King of the Hill Mugs.jpg
Iron Hill's 2018 King of the Hill membership mugs.

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant (Iron Hill) is a scratch brewery and craft restaurant founded in 1996 in Newark, Delaware. The company is recognized for their craft kitchen concept and award-winning beers.



Iron Hill was founded in 1996 by Kevin Finn, Mark Edelson, and Kevin Davies. Soccer friends, Finn and Edelson, enjoyed home brewing in the early 1990s; their love of beer inspired the duo to create a business plan for a future brew pub. [1]

Finn and Edelson began raising money, researching the restaurant industry, and visiting location sites for a potential brew pub in the early 1990s. Eventually, the two invited Kevin Davies, a career restaurateur, as a third partner in their venture. Finn acquired money through family and an SBA loan to open the first Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant on Main Street in Newark, Delaware. [1]

The team estimated that the Newark restaurant would produce $2 million in sales within the first year, however their success in the college centric town produced an extra million in revenue, which can be attributed to food sales. [1]

In 1998, Iron Hill opened a second location in West Chester, Pennsylvania. [2] In May 2018, the restaurant opened its first location in the Southern U.S., in Greenville, South Carolina. Iron Hill launched th 20 for 20 initiative, in which it plans to have 20 locations open in 2020, including a restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. [3]

Origin of Iron Hill name and brand

Finn discovered the geographic landmark, Iron Hill, in a Delaware book of maps, which explained the site's rich historical background. Finn, Edelson, and Davies chose the company's name after discovering that Iron Hill is considered the highest hill in Delaware and was the site of a significant battle during the Revolutionary War known as the Battle of Cooch's Bridge. [1]

The company's mark is a bird holding barley and hops, which represents two main ingredients found in beer. [1]


One of Iron Hill Brewery's signature beers, Iron Hill Light Lager. Iron Hill Brewery Light Lager.jpg
One of Iron Hill Brewery's signature beers, Iron Hill Light Lager.

Iron Hill Brewery exclusively serves its own beers and offers new American cuisine. Each location brews a variety of beers that are influenced by the season. The brewery's goal is to focus on small batches of beer that are creative and in line with desirable styles and flavors. [1] Currently, hop forward session IPAs are trending in America, and according to Edelson, the brewery aims to offer beers in line with this and other trends. [4] The Philly cheesesteak egg roll is a popular item, and the Drunk Monk Burger was praised as "addictive" by the Harrisburg Patriot-News, which described it as "tremendously juicy." [5] The menu also includes vegetarian and vegan options such as a hummus platter, vegetable penne, black bean vegetable burger, and several salads. [6]


A 4-pack of Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant's most award winning beer, Russian Imperial Stout. Iron Hill Russian Imperial Stout 4-pack.jpg
A 4-pack of Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant's most award winning beer, Russian Imperial Stout.

Iron Hill has claimed 48 medals over 22 consecutive years at the Great American Beer Festival, [7] along with several World Beer Cup and restaurant awards. [8] [9]

Great American Beer Festival Awards won
1997GoldMunchener Helles categoryLodestone Lager
1998BronzeStrong Scotch Ale categoryWee Heavy
1999BronzeVienna-Style Lager categoryVienna Lager
1999GoldBock categoryMaibock
2000BronzeMunchener-Style Helles categoryLodestone Lager
2000BronzeBock categoryMaibock
2001BronzeStrong Scotch Ale categoryWee Heavy
2002BronzeBelgian-Style Abbey Ale categoryBedotter
2002BronzeRobust Porter categoryPig Iron Porter
2003BronzeBelgian-Style Abbey Ale categoryBedotter
2003BronzeMunchner-Style Dunkel categoryMunich Dunkel
2003GoldBelgian-Style Sour Ale categoryLambic de Hill
2003GoldImperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2004BronzeBelgian-Style Abbey Ale categoryBedotter
2004BronzeWood and Barrel-Aged Beer categoryBourbon Russian
2005Large Brewpub of the Year
2005BronzeAmerican-style Pale Ale categoryIronbound Ale
2005GoldBelgian-style Sour Ale categoryKreik de Hill
2005GoldBelgian-style Strong Specialty Ale categoryThe Cannibal
2006BronzeWood and Barrel-Aged Beer categoryBourbon Ivan
2006GoldRussian Imperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2007BronzeBelgian-Style Sour Ale categoryKriek de Hill
2008BronzeBelgian-Style Lambic or Sour Ale categoryCassis de Hill
2008GoldBelgian-Style Lambic or Sour Ale categoryLambic de Hill
2008GoldRye Beer categoryRoggenbier
2008GoldFrench and Belgian-Style Saison categorySaison
2008GoldVienna-Style Lager categoryVienna Red Lager
2008SilverWood and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer categoryCherry Dubbel
2009GoldGerman-Style Schwarzbier categorySchwarzbier
2009SilverAmerican-Style Sour Ale categoryRaspberry Torte
2010GoldRobust Porter categoryPig Iron Porter
2010GoldImperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2011BronzeBarrel / Wood Aged Stout categoryGrand Inquisitor
2011BronzeVienna-Style Lager categoryVienna Red Lager
2011SilverImperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2012BronzeAmerican-Style Black Ale categoryBlack IPA
2012BronzeRye Beer categoryRoggenbier
2012BronzeImperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2012SilverSmoke Beer categoryRauchtoberfest
2013SilverImperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2014BronzeEnglish-Style IPA categoryBurton IPA
2014SilverBelgian-Style Tripel categoryBedotter
2014SilverRye Ale categoryRye of the Tiger
2015SilverImperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2015SilverBelgian-Style Strong Specialty AleThe Cannibal
2016BronzeBock categoryBridge St. Bock
2017SilverImperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2017SilverAged Beer categorySolzhenitsyn
2018BronzeAged Beer categorySolzhenitsyn
2021GoldAmerican PilsnerKing's Gold
World Beer Cup Awards won
2002Bronze MedalOld Ale categoryOld Ale
2004Bronze MedalBelgian-Style Sour Ale categoryFramboise de Hill
2004Gold MedalOld Ale categoryOld Ale
2004Gold MedalStrong Scotch Ale categoryWee Heavy
2006Bronze MedalBelgian-Style Dubbel categoryAbbey Dubbel
2006Bronze MedalImperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2006Silver MedalBelgian-Style Pale Strong Ale categoryCannibal
2008Silver MedalVienna-Style Lager categoryVienna Red Lager
2008Silver MedalStrong Scotch Ale categoryWee Heavy
2010World Champion Brewery – Large Brewpub
2010Bronze MedalBelgian-Style Dubbel categoryAbbey Dubbel
2010Bronze MedalBelgian-Style Sour Ale categoryLambic de Hill
2010Gold MedalAmerican-Style Sour Ale categoryRaspberry Torte
2010Gold MedalBritish-Style Imperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2010Silver MedalBritish-Style Imperial Stout categoryCrazy Ivan
2012World Champion Brewery & Brewmaster – Small Brewpub
2012BronzeSmoke Beer categoryGrodzinski
2012GoldOld Ale or Strong Ale categoryOld Ale
2012GoldBritish-Style Imperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2014World Champion Brewery & Brewmaster – Small Brewpub
2014BronzeTraditional German-Style Bock categoryBock
2014BronzeSpecialty Honey Beer categoryHoney Tripper
2014GoldAged Beer categoryRussian 2009
2014GoldBritish-Style Imperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2014GoldAmerican-Style Brett Beer categoryThe Golden Child
2016GoldBelgian-Style Tripel categoryBedotter
2016SilverCoffee Beer categoryOverload Stout
2016SilverBritish-Style Imperial Stout categoryRussian Imperial Stout
2016SilverAged Beer categorySolzhenitsyn
2016SilverDouble Red Ale categoryValentinus IPA
2018BronzeAged Beer categorySolzhenitsyn
2018SilverBelgian-Style Pale Strong Ale categoryThe Cannibal
2022SilverWood and Barrel-Aged Strong BeerQueen of the North

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