Jamey Sheridan

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Jamey Sheridan
James Patrick Sheridan

(1951-07-12) July 12, 1951 (age 67)
Residence Los Angeles, California
Other namesJames Sheridan
Years active1981–present
Colette Kilroy(m. 1993)

James Patrick Sheridan (born July 12, 1951) is an American actor, best known for playing Vice President of the United States "William Walden" in Showtime's hit TV series Homeland .

United States Federal republic in North America

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States or America, is a country comprising 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions. At 3.8 million square miles, the United States is the world's third or fourth largest country by total area and is slightly smaller than the entire continent of Europe's 3.9 million square miles. With a population of more than 327 million people, the U.S. is the third most populous country. The capital is Washington, D.C., and the most populous city is New York City. Forty-eight states and the capital's federal district are contiguous in North America between Canada and Mexico. The State of Alaska is in the northwest corner of North America, bordered by Canada to the east and across the Bering Strait from Russia to the west. The State of Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid-Pacific Ocean. The U.S. territories are scattered about the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, stretching across nine official time zones. The extremely diverse geography, climate, and wildlife of the United States make it one of the world's 17 megadiverse countries.

Showtime (TV network) American premium cable TV channel

Showtime is an American premium cable and satellite television network that serves as the flagship service of the Showtime Networks subsidiary of CBS Corporation, which also owns sister services The Movie Channel and Flix. Showtime's programming primarily includes theatrically released motion pictures and original television series, along with boxing and mixed martial arts matches, occasional stand-up comedy specials and made-for-TV movies.

<i>Homeland</i> (TV series) American political thriller television series

Homeland is an American spy thriller television series developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa based on the Israeli series Prisoners of War, which was created by Gideon Raff.



Sheridan's acting career has encompassed theater, television, and feature film productions. Born in Pasadena, California, to a family of actors, he earned a Tony nomination in 1987 for his performance in the revival of Arthur Miller's All My Sons . After several TV movie appearances, Sheridan landed a starring role as lawyer Jack Shannon on Shannon's Deal , which ran for one season in 1990. His later television roles include Dr. John Sutton on Chicago Hope (from 1995 to 1996).

A feature film, feature-length film, or theatrical film is a film with a running time long enough to be considered the principal or sole film to fill a program. The term feature film originally referred to the main, full-length film in a cinema program that also included a short film and often a newsreel. The notion of how long a feature film should be has varied according to time and place. According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the American Film Institute and the British Film Institute, a feature film runs for more than 40 minutes, while the Screen Actors Guild asserts that a feature's running time is 75 minutes or longer.

Pasadena, California City in California, United States

Pasadena is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States, located 10 miles northeast of Downtown Los Angeles.

California State of the United States of America

California is a state in the Pacific Region of the United States. With 39.6 million residents, California is the most populous U.S. state and the third-largest by area. The state capital is Sacramento. The Greater Los Angeles Area and the San Francisco Bay Area are the nation's second- and fifth-most populous urban regions, with 18.7 million and 9.7 million residents respectively. Los Angeles is California's most populous city, and the country's second-most populous, after New York City. California also has the nation's most populous county, Los Angeles County, and its largest county by area, San Bernardino County. The City and County of San Francisco is both the country's second-most densely populated major city after New York City and the fifth-most densely populated county, behind only four of the five New York City boroughs.

An avid football player in his youth, Sheridan studied acting at UC Santa Barbara as sports injuries prevented him from taking dance classes. After a brief stint at the Old Globe in San Diego, Sheridan left California to travel the world. With stops in Hawaii and the Mediterranean, Sheridan settled for a period in Edinburgh. His experience there prompted him to head home to the US and return to acting. He landed in New York and kept busy working in a number of productions by recognized playwrights as diverse as Bernard Shaw and Neil Simon. [1]

George Bernard Shaw Irish playwright, critic and polemicist, influential in Western theatre

George Bernard Shaw, known at his insistence simply as Bernard Shaw, was an Irish playwright, critic, polemicist and political activist. His influence on Western theatre, culture and politics extended from the 1880s to his death and beyond. He wrote more than sixty plays, including major works such as Man and Superman (1902), Pygmalion (1912) and Saint Joan (1923). With a range incorporating both contemporary satire and historical allegory, Shaw became the leading dramatist of his generation, and in 1925 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Neil Simon American playwright, writer, academic

Marvin Neil Simon was an American playwright, screenwriter and author. He wrote more than 30 plays and nearly the same number of movie screenplays, mostly adaptations of his plays. He received more combined Oscar and Tony nominations than any other writer.

Sheridan started his film career in the late 1980s with small roles. His first on screen appearance was in the Whoopi Goldberg vehicle Jumpin Jack Flash. [2] By the 1990s, he was playing family man roles in both film and television, such as in the 1991 motion picture All I Want for Christmas . He also has played villains. In 1994 he played the character of Randall Flagg in the miniseries adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand . Other roles include Marty Stouffer in Wild America and the psychotic neighbor in Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story. After a long history of performing Shakespeare on the stage, Sheridan appeared in Campbell Scott's production of Hamlet in 2000 as well as the Hamlet-inspired modern noir film Let the Devil Wear Black (1999). He co-starred in the improvisational film The Simian Line in 2001. He has also given supporting performances in The Ice Storm , Cradle Will Rock , Life as a House , and numerous TV movies.

<i>All I Want for Christmas</i> (film) 1991 film by Robert Lieberman

All I Want for Christmas is a 1991 American romantic comedy film directed by Robert Lieberman, and starring Harley Jane Kozak, Lauren Bacall, Thora Birch, Ethan Randall, and Leslie Nielsen. The score was composed by Bruce Broughton, including a theme-setting song by Stephen Bishop.

Randall Flagg character by Stephen King

Randall Flagg is a fictional character created by American author Stephen King, who has appeared in at least nine of his novels. Described as "an accomplished sorcerer and a devoted servant of the Outer Dark," he has supernatural abilities involving necromancy, prophecy, and influence over animal and human behavior. His goals typically center on bringing down civilizations through destruction and conflict. He has a variety of names, usually with the initial letters "R. F." but with occasional exceptions, such as Walter o'Dim, originally envisioned by King as a separate character, in The Dark Tower series and Marten Broadcloak.

Stephen King American author

Stephen Edwin King is an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy novels. His books have sold more than 350 million copies, many of which have been adapted into feature films, miniseries, television series, and comic books. King has published 58 novels and six non-fiction books. He has written approximately 200 short stories, most of which have been published in book collections.

More recently, Sheridan played Capt. James Deakins in the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent . Late in the 20042005 season, Sheridan began wearing an eyepatch as he began showing the symptoms of Bell's palsy. This was written into the show; however, Deakins was written out of the series at the end of the 2005–2006 season, at Sheridan's request. [3] His character was replaced by Capt. Danny Ross, played by Eric Bogosian.

James Deakins

Captain James "Jimmy" Deakins is a fictional character on the NBC–USA Network U.S. television series, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, played by Jamey Sheridan.

<i>Law & Order: Criminal Intent</i> American police procedural television drama series (2001-2011)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent is an American police procedural television drama series set in New York City, where it was also primarily produced. Created and produced by Dick Wolf and René Balcer, the series premiered on September 30, 2001, as the third series in Wolf's successful Law & Order franchise. Criminal Intent focuses on the investigations of the Major Case Squad in a fictionalized version of the New York City Police Department set in New York City's One Police Plaza. In the style of the original Law & Order, episodes are often "ripped from the headlines" or loosely based on a real crime that received media attention.

Bells palsy Facial paralysis resulting from dysfunction in the cranial nerve VII (facial nerve)

Bell's palsy is a type of facial paralysis that results in an inability to control the facial muscles on the affected side. Symptoms can vary from mild to severe. They may include muscle twitching, weakness, or total loss of the ability to move one or rarely both sides of the face. Other symptoms include drooping of the eyelid, a change in taste, pain around the ear, and increased sensitivity to sound. Typically symptoms come on over 48 hours.

Sheridan played alongside Jane Seymour in the Hallmark Channel movie Dear Prudence as Detective Eddie Duncan. On November 6, 2008, Sheridan guest starred as an evening news anchor on the ABC dramedy Eli Stone . [4]

Jane Seymour (actress) A British actress

Jane Seymour, OBE, is an English-American actress, best known for her performances in the James Bond film Live and Let Die (1973); Somewhere In Time (1980); East of Eden (1981); The Scarlet Pimpernel ; Onassis: The Richest Man in the World (1988); War and Remembrance (1988); the French epic La Révolution française (1989) as the ill-fated queen Marie Antoinette; Wedding Crashers (2005); and the American television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993–1998). She has earned an Emmy Award, two Golden Globe Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2000, she was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

Hallmark Channel American cable television network

The Hallmark Channel is an American pay television network that is owned by Crown Media Holdings, Inc., which in turn is owned by Hallmark Cards, Inc. The channel's programming is primarily targeted at families, and features a mix of television movies and miniseries, original and acquired television series, and lifestyle programs.

<i>Dear Prudence</i> (film) 2008 American mystery film

Dear Prudence is a Hallmark Channel original made-for-TV movie starring Jane Seymour. The movie premiered August 23, 2008, and was to be a pilot that would become a part of the Hallmark Channel Mystery Wheel. A sequel Perfectly Prudence aired on January 8, 2011.

From 2009 to 2010, Sheridan starred in NBC's Trauma as Dr. Joseph "Joe" Saviano. In 2010 Sheridan starred in the movie Handsome Harry , a drama. He played speechwriter Mark Salter in the political film Game Change .

In fall 2011, Sheridan played Vice President William Walden in the first season of Showtime's drama/thriller Homeland ; the show was renewed for a second season consisting of 12 episodes, with Sheridan returning as a regular.

In the fall of 2012, Sheridan signed on to play a recurring role on CW's Arrow , playing Oliver Queen's father who sacrificed himself so that his son could live on a deserted island due to their ship being destroyed in the middle of the ocean. He occasionally reappears, once as a ghost to his son while he's still on the island and also through a flashback centered around his character; the rest of his appearances so far have been through pictures.

Sheridan played Jim Sullivan in the 2015 film Spotlight .

Personal life

Sheridan and his wife, actress Colette Kilroy, have three children. They live in Los Angeles.



1986 Jumpin' Jack Flash N.Y. Officer
1988 Distant Thunder Moss
1988 The House on Carroll Street Porter
1990 Stanley & Iris Joe
1990 Quick Change Mugger
1991 Talent for the Game Tim Weaver
1991 All I Want for Christmas Michael O'Fallon
1992 Whispers in the Dark Doug McDowell
1992 A Stranger Among Us Nick
1994Sherwood's TravelsRobert Sherwood
1997 Wild America Marty Stouffer Sr.
1997 The Ice Storm Jim Carver
1998Luminous MotionDad
1999 Let the Devil Wear Black Carl Lyne
1999 Cradle Will Rock John Adair
2000 The Amati Girls Paul
2000 The Simian Line Paul
2001 Rain Sheriff Tom Gibson
2001 Life as a House Peter Kimball
2002 Desert Saints Agent George Scanlon
2005 Syriana Terry
2008 Nothing But the Truth Oscar Van Doren
2009 Handsome Harry Harry Sweeney
2012 Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God Terry (voice)Documentary
2013 The East Richard Cannon
2015 Spotlight Jim Sullivan
2016 Sully Ben Edwards
2017 Battle of the Sexes Ken Rosewall
2018 Lizzie Andrew Borden


1981 CBS Children's Mystery Theatre GeorgeEpisode: "Mystery at Fire Island"
1984 St. Elsewhere Webb EtleeEpisode: "My Arm Is True"
1986 As the World Turns Stu FergusonEpisode: "Chris Hughes Passes Away"
1986 One Police Plaza Detective Bo DavisTV Movie
1987 Spenser: For Hire Nick Cavanaugh2 episodes
1987 The Equalizer WayneEpisode: "Encounter in a Closed Room"
1989 Shannon's Deal Jack ShannonTV Movie
1989A Mother's Courage: The Mary Thomas StoryBrother TedTV Movie (credited as James Sheridan)
1990–1991 Shannon's Deal Jack Shannon11 episodes
1991Murder in High PlacesHornTV Movie
1993 Picket Fences Dr. David WilliamsEpisode: "Fetal Attraction"
1994 The Stand Randall Flagg TV Miniseries
1993Killer RulesMarco Ponti/Mark BridgesTV Movie
1994Spring AwakeningMartinTV Movie
1994My BreastNick De StefanoTV Movie
1995–1996 Chicago Hope Dr. John Sutton18 episodes
1997All Lies End in MurderDanny ScialoTV Movie (credited as James Sheridan)
1997 Veronica's Closet Bryce AndersonEpisode: "Unaired Pilot"
1998 The Echo of Thunder Larry RitchieTV Movie
1998BeautyLee CromptonTV Movie
1999Ricky Nelson: Original Teen Idol Ozzie Nelson TV Movie
2000 Now and Again Ben2 episodes
2000 Hamlet ClaudiusTV Movie
2000The Lost ChildJackTV Movie
2001–2006 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Captain James Deakins111 episodes
2002 Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story Steve GloverTV Movie
2007 Babylon Fields Ernie WunchTV Movie
2009 Eli Stone Sam RussellEpisode: "Mortal Combat"
2009 Dear Prudence Eddie DuncanTV Movie
2009–2010 Trauma Dr. Joseph Saviano20 episodes
2010 The League TedEpisode: "The Anniversary Party"
2012 Game Change Mark SalterTV Movie
2011–2012 Homeland Vice President William Walden17 episodes
2013 NCIS Admiral John McGeeEpisode: "Squall"
2013 Smash Richard Francis5 episodes
2014 Suits Charles Van DykeEpisode: "Know When to Fold 'Em"
2012–2019 Arrow Robert Queen8 episodes
2015 Agent X Stanton10 episodes
2015 Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories DadEpisode: "Tornado"
2016 American Gothic Mitchell Hawthorne3 episodes

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"One" is the pilot episode of the NBC legal drama Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the second created spinoff of the original Law & Order series, created by Dick Wolf and developed and co-created veteran Law & Order writer René Balcer. It originally aired on NBC in the United States on Sunday, September 30, 2001; the series premiere date was pushed back due to the September 11th attacks. The episode follows Detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames solving the murder of two young college students and a Canadian ex-con, which has a $300 million motive.

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<i>Law & Order: Criminal Intent</i> (season 1) season of television series

The first season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, an American police procedural television series, was developed by Dick Wolf and René Balcer. It began airing on September 30, 2001, on NBC, a national broadcast television network in the United States. It is the second spin-off of the long-running crime drama Law & Order.

<i>Law & Order: Criminal Intent</i> (season 5) season of television series

The fifth season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent premiered on NBC on September 25, 2005, and ended on May 14, 2006.

"Marine One" is the season finale of the first season of the TV series Homeland. It originally aired on Showtime on December 18, 2011. The extended 85-minute episode sees the culmination of Abu Nazir's terrorist plot at the Vice President's summit, while Carrie Mathison's downward spiral continues.

Carrie Mathison fictional character on the American television/drama thriller Homeland

Carrie Anne Mathison, played by actress Claire Danes, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the American television drama/thriller series Homeland on Showtime, created by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon. Carrie is a CIA officer who, while on assignment in Iraq, learned from a CIA asset that an American prisoner of war had been turned by al-Qaeda. After a U.S. Marine sergeant named Nicholas Brody is rescued from captivity, Mathison believes that he is the POW described to her. Carrie's investigation of Brody is complicated by her bipolar disorder and results in an obsession with her suspect.

<i>Homeland</i> (season 2) Season American political thriller television series Homeland

The second season of the American television drama series Homeland premiered on September 30, 2012 on Showtime and concluded on December 16, 2012, consisting of 12 episodes. The series is loosely based on the Israeli television series Hatufim created by Gideon Raff and is developed for American television by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa.

Nicholas Brody fictional character on the American television/drama thriller Homeland

GySgt. Nicholas "Nick" Brody, played by actor Damian Lewis, is a fictional character on the American television series Homeland on Showtime, created by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon. Brody was a USMC Sergeant who was held as a prisoner of war by al-Qaeda terrorists for eight years. Following his rescue and return home, Brody is hailed as a war hero and promoted to gunnery sergeant. However, a CIA officer, Carrie Mathison, suspects that Brody was turned by al-Qaeda, and tries to stop him from potentially committing a terrorist act. Between the first and second season, he was elected to Congress. In the third season, he was executed by Iranian authorities after completing a CIA plot against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Jackson Pace is an American actor. He was a series regular in the Showtime television series Homeland, playing Chris Brody from 2011 to 2013.

"Two Hats" is the ninth episode of the second season of the American television drama series Homeland, and the 21st episode overall. It originally aired on Showtime on November 25, 2012.


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