Jon Espen Lohne

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Jon Espen Lohne (born 1964), is a Norwegian businessperson in the media sector.

He is an economist by education, and worked in the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway before being hired in A-pressen in 1995. The next year he was appointed assisting chief financial officer; [1] in 1999 he was promoted to director of the television department. [2] In 2001 he became a board member of the Norwegian News Agency, and in 2009 he succeeded Aslak Ona as chair. [3] He is also a board member in TV 2. [4]

The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway is a Norwegian government agency responsible for supervision of financial companies within Norway based on law and regulations from Storting, the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and international accounting standards. The agency is located in Oslo and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance.

The Norwegian News Agency is a Norwegian press agency and wire service that serves most of the largest Norwegian media outlets. The agency is located in Oslo and has bureaus in Brussels in Belgium and Tromsø in northern Norway. The photo agency Scanpix is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTB.

Chairman leading or presiding officer of an organized group such as a board, committee, or deliberative assembly

The chairman is the highest officer of an organized group such as a board, a committee, or a deliberative assembly. The person holding the office is typically elected or appointed by the members of the group, and the chairman presides over meetings of the assembled group and conducts its business in an orderly fashion.

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