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Jon Kukla in 2016 at the Library of Virginia
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A Wilderness So Immense
Mr. Jefferson's Women

Jon Kukla is an American historian and author. He attended Carthage College and the University of Toronto, and in 1973 began working with the Library of Virginia, through which he published multiple works and directed historical research. He left the facility in 1990 and two years later began serving as the curator for the Historic New Orleans Collection, of which he later served as its director. Kukla has also served as the director of Red Hill Patrick Henry National Memorial in Charlotte County, Virginia, a position he held until 2007. [2]

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John Holloway was a politician and lawyer in the British colony of Virginia. He served as Speaker of the House of Burgesses 1720–34, as treasurer of the colony 1723–34, and was the first mayor of Williamsburg, Virginia 1722–23.

John Robinson, Jr. was a politician and landowner in the British colony of Virginia. Robinson served as Speaker of the House of Burgesses from 1738 until his death, the longest tenure in the history of that office.

Thomas Stegg was a Virginia merchant and politician. He was the first Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses in the 1643 session, when the Burgesses first met as a separate lower house of the Virginia General Assembly.

Colonel Edward Hill was a Virginia farmer, soldier and politician. He was Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses three different times. He declared himself acting governor of Maryland while leading an expedition to put down Richard Ingle's 1646 rebellion, ceding to the proper governor, Leonard Calvert, on his return. He also established the current farm at Shirley Plantation in 1638.

Ambrose Harmer was a Virginia landowner and politician. An opponent of Governor Sir John Harvey, he served on the Council 1639–41 under his successor, Sir Francis Wyatt. He served in the House of Burgesses 1645–46, and was Speaker in the 1646 session.

Captain Thomas Harwood was a Virginia soldier, landowner and politician. He served multiple terms as a burgess in the 1630s and 1640s, and was "one of the chieff of the Mutinous Burgesses" who expelled Governor Sir John Harvey in 1635. He was Speaker of the House of Burgesses 1647–49, and was named to the Council shortly before his death in 1652.

Lieutenant Colonel Edward Major was a Virginia soldier, landowner and politician.

Thomas Dew was a Virginia landowner and politician. He settled in the vicinity of the Nansemond River by 1634, and represented Upper Norfolk County in the General Assembly of 1642. He was elected to the House of Burgesses several times between 1652 and 1656, succeeding his neighbor Edward Major as Speaker in the November 1652 session.

Lieutenant Colonel Walter Chiles was a Virginia politician and merchant. He moved to Virginia around 1638, and served as a burgess off and on from 1642 to 1653, representing Charles City County and later James City County. He also served on the Governor's council in 1651, but was removed the following year because of his involvement in illegal trading with the Netherlands. He was elected Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses at the July 1653 session, but the governor forced his resignation the following day.

William Whitby was a Virginia politician and landowner. He served as a burgess 1642–44, in the early stages of the English Civil War, and again from 1652–55, after Virginia surrendered to Parliamentary control. During the 1640s he was a justice of the Warwick County court. He served as Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses in the 1653 session, following the one-day speakership of Walter Chiles.

Francis Moryson was an English soldier and Virginia colonial official. He was a Royalist in the English Civil War.

Henry Soane (1622–1661) was a Virginia politician and landowner. He emigrated to Virginia around 1651, settling in James City County along the Chickahominy River. He served in the House of Burgesses 1652–55, 1658, and 1660–61, and was its Speaker in 1661. He is also the 2nd great grandfather of President Thomas Jefferson.

Robert Wynne (1622–1675) was a Virginia politician and landowner. He served in the House of Burgesses 1658 and 1660–74, and was its Speaker 1662–74, the second longest tenure of any Speaker.

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Thomas Godwin was a Virginia politician and landowner. He served in the House of Burgesses 1654–55 and 1659, and was its Speaker in the June 1676 session that preceded Bacon's Rebellion.

Francis Dade, also known as John Smith, was a Virginia politician and landowner. He was an English Royalist who emigrated to Virginia some time after the death of Charles I, possibly after involvement in some plot against Oliver Cromwell. He was notoriously attached to the Stuarts. In Virginia he adopted the name "John Smith". He served as Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1658. He died at sea in 1662.


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