Jonathan Wright (historian)

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Jonathan Wright (born 1969) is a British historian and author.

His books include The Jesuits: Missions, Myths and Histories (HarperCollins, 2004), [1] published in the United States as God's Soldiers (Doubleday, 2004). He has recently published a book on heresy. [2]

Wright was educated at the Universities of St Andrews and Oxford where he was awarded a doctorate in 1999. Wright reviews for numerous British and American newspapers, magazines and academic journals.

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Society of Jesus Male religious congregation of the Catholic Church

The Society of Jesus is a religious order of the Catholic Church headquartered in Rome. It was founded by Ignatius of Loyola and six companions with the approval of Pope Paul III in 1540. The members are called Jesuits. The society is engaged in evangelization and apostolic ministry in 112 nations. Jesuits work in education, research, and cultural pursuits. Jesuits also give retreats, minister in hospitals and parishes, sponsor direct social ministries, and promote ecumenical dialogue.

1615 Calendar year

1615 (MDCXV) was a common year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar, the 1615th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 615th year of the 2nd millennium, the 15th year of the 17th century, and the 6th year of the 1610s decade. As of the start of 1615, the Gregorian calendar was 10 days ahead of the Julian calendar, which remained in localized use until 1923.

Jonathan William Patrick Aitken is an Irish-born British former Conservative Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom (1974–97), former Cabinet minister and Church of England parish priest. He was convicted of perjury in 1999 and received an 18-month prison sentence, of which he served seven months. Aitken was a member of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council. After becoming a Christian, he later became the president of Christian Solidarity Worldwide and was ordained in the Church of England.

Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, 1st Marquis of Pombal Portuguese noble and diplomat (1699–1782)

Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, 1st Marquis of Pombal and 1st Count of Oeiras, known as the Marquis of Pombal, was a Portuguese statesman and diplomat who effectively ruled the Portuguese Empire from 1750 to 1777 as chief minister to King Joseph I. A liberal reformer influenced by the Age of Enlightenment, Pombal led Portugal's recovery from the 1755 Lisbon earthquake and modernized the kingdom's administrative, economic, and ecclesiastical institutions. During his lengthy ministerial career, Pombal accumulated and exercised autocratic power.

<i>Shaun of the Dead</i> 2004 zombie comedy film directed by Edgar Wright

Shaun of the Dead is a 2004 horror comedy film directed by Edgar Wright. The film was written by Wright and Simon Pegg, who stars in it as Shaun. Along with friend Ed, played by Nick Frost, Shaun is caught unaware by the zombie apocalypse; they attempt to take refuge in a local pub with their loved ones. The film co-stars Kate Ashfield, Lucy Davis, Dylan Moran, Bill Nighy, and Penelope Wilton. It is the first instalment in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, followed by Hot Fuzz (2007) and The World's End (2013).

Suppression of the Society of Jesus Eighteenth century action in European Catholic countries

The suppression of the Jesuits was a politically instigated removal of all members of the Society of Jesus from most of the countries of Western Europe and their colonies, beginning in 1759, and ultimately approved by The Holy See in 1773. In 1814, Pope Pius VII restored the Society to its previous provinces and Jesuits began resuming their work in those countries.

Jonathan Cape English publishing firm

Jonathan Cape is a London publishing firm founded in 1921 by Herbert Jonathan Cape, who was head of the firm until his death in 1960.

Jonathan Dermot Spence is an English-born American historian and public intellectual specialising in Chinese history. He was Sterling Professor of History at Yale University from 1993 to 2008. His most widely read book is The Search for Modern China, a survey of the last several hundred years of Chinese history based on his popular course at Yale. A prolific author, reviewer, and essayist, he has published more than a dozen books on China. He retired from Yale in 2008.

Lotte Jonathans Dutch badminton player

Lotte Jonathans is a badminton player from the Netherlands.

Tadeusz Brzozowski

Very Rev. Tadeusz Brzozowski, S.J. was a Polish scholar, teacher, administrator and a Jesuit priest. Having secured its continuity during the suppression of the Society until its restoration, he was elected twentieth Superior General of the Society of Jesus and was its first world-wide general.

The Mail on Sunday is a British conservative newspaper, published in a tabloid format. It is the biggest-selling Sunday newspaper in the UK and was launched in 1982 by Lord Rothermere. Its sister paper, the Daily Mail, was first published in 1896.


The Dreikönigsgymnasium is a regular public Gymnasium located in Cologne, Germany. Founded in 1450 by the city of Cologne, it is the oldest school in Cologne and one of the oldest in Germany. In 1556 it was transferred to Jesuit control through the son of the mayor, who had become a Jesuit. The Jesuits continued to run the school until 1778, when control was restored to the city after the papal suppression of the Jesuits of 1773.

Michael Shen Fu-Tsung

Michael Alphonsius Shen Fu-Tsung, also Michel Sin, Michel Chin-fo-tsoung, Shen Fo-tsung, Shen Fuzong, was a Chinese mandarin from Nanking and a convert to Catholicism who was brought to Europe by the Flemish Jesuit priest Philippe Couplet, Procurator of the China Jesuit Missions in Rome. They left Macau in 1681 and visited together Flanders, Italy, France, and England. He later became a Jesuit in Portugal and died near Mozambique while returning home.

Christianity in the 18th century

Christianity in the 18th century is marked by the First Great Awakening in the Americas, along with the expansion of the Spanish and Portuguese empires around the world, which helped to spread Catholicism.

Jesuit China missions

The history of the missions of the Jesuits in China is part of the history of relations between China and the Western world. The missionary efforts and other work of the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits, between the 16th and 17th century played a significant role in continuing the transmission of knowledge, science, and culture between China and the West, and influenced Christian culture in Chinese society today.

Memoirs of the Twentieth Century is an early work of speculative fiction by Irish writer Samuel Madden. This 1733 epistolary novel takes the form of a series of diplomatic letters written in 1997 and 1998. The work is a satire perhaps modeled after Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels published seven years before. Madden was an Anglican clergyman, and the book is focused on the dangers of Catholicism and Jesuits, depicting a future where they dominate.

John W. Beschter Luxembourg Jesuit missionary

John William Beschter was a Catholic priest and Jesuit from the Duchy of Luxembourg in the Austrian Netherlands. He emigrated to the United States as a missionary in 1807, where he ministered in rural Pennsylvania and Maryland. Beschter was the last Jesuit pastor of St. Mary's Church in Lancaster, as well as the pastor of St. John the Evangelist Church in Baltimore, Maryland. He was also a priest at several other German-speaking churches in Pennsylvania.

William Feiner German Jesuit missionary

William Feiner was a German Catholic priest and Jesuit who became a missionary to the United States and eventually the president of Georgetown College.

<i>Coronation of Saint Rosalia</i>

The Coronation of Saint Rosalia or Madonna and Child with Saints Rosalia, Peter and Paul is an oil on canvas painting made by Anthony van Dyck in 1629.


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