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Keith Taylor
Born(1946-12-26)26 December 1946
Pen nameDennis More, Cadmus Evans,
Genre science fiction, fantasy

Keith John Taylor (born 26 December 1946) is an Australian science fiction and fantasy writer.



Born in Tasmania, Taylor now resides in Melbourne, Australia. Getting his start in Ted White's Fantastic , Taylor went on to collaborate with Andrew J. Offutt on two novels based upon the Robert E. Howard hero, Cormac Mac Art – an Irish Viking active in King Arthur's time.

Taylor's series of novels centering on an Irish character of his own creation – the bard Felimid mac Fal – was published throughout the 1980s. Much of Taylor's fictional output in the 1990s was in the Arthurian fantasy subgenre. Many stories featuring his character, Kamose the Magician, were published in Weird Tales in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Taylor suffered a protracted illness beginning in 2003. He is reported to be working on new fiction. [1]





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