King of the Hill (season 2)

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King of the Hill (season 2)
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Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes23
Original network Fox
Original releaseSeptember 21, 1997 (1997-09-21) 
May 17, 1998 (1998-05-17)
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List of King of the Hill episodes

This is a list of episodes from the second season of King of the Hill .

King of the Hill is an American animated sitcom created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels for the Fox Broadcasting Company that ran from January 12, 1997, to May 6, 2010. It centers on the Hills, a middle-class American family in the fictional city of Arlen, Texas. Patriarch and main character Hank Hill, who works as assistant manager at Strickland Propane, is the everyman and general protagonist of the series. His modest conservative views and biases often clash with that of his wife, Peggy; his son, Bobby; his father, Cotton; his niece, Luanne; his boss, Buck Strickland; and his neighbor, Kahn. Hank is friends with other residents on his block, especially Bill Dauterive, Dale Gribble, and Jeff Boomhauer, all of whom he has known since elementary school. It attempts to maintain a realistic approach, seeking humor in the conventional and mundane aspects of everyday life.



The showrunner for the season was Greg Daniels. [1] Wes Archer, the supervising director, did a re-design on most of the characters to make them appear more realistic than they did in the first season. [1]

A showrunner is the leading television producer of a television series. In the United States, they are credited as an executive producer, and simply as a producer in other countries, such as Canada or Britain. A showrunner has creative and management responsibility of a television series production through combining the responsibilities of employer, and in comedy or dramas, typically also character creator, head writer, and script editor. In films, the director has creative control of a production, but in television, the showrunner outranks the episodic directors.

Greg Daniels American writer, producer and director

Gregory Martin Daniels is an American television comedy writer, producer, and director. He is known for his work on several television series, including Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation, King of the Hill and The Office. All five shows were named among Time's James Poniewozik's All Time 100 TV Shows. Daniels attended Harvard University and he became friends with Conan O'Brien. Their first writing credit was for Not Necessarily the News, before they were laid off due to budget cuts. He eventually became a writer for two long-running series: Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons.

Wesley Meyer "Wes" Archer is an American television animation director. He was one of the original three animators on The Simpsons, Tracey Ullman shorts, and subsequently directed a number of The Simpsons episodes before becoming supervising director at King of the Hill. A few years later he left King of the Hill to direct for Futurama, before eventually returning to King of the Hill. Wes continued to supervise the direction of King of the Hill until the final season. He acted as a consulting director for the last season of King of the Hill, as he joined The Goode Family as supervising director. Archer's college animation film, "Jac Mac and Rad Boy, Go!" has long been a cult classic after receiving repeated airplay on USA Network's Night Flight in the 1980s. He studied at the Film Graphics/Experimental Animation Program at CalArts. He is currently the supervising director on Rick and Morty.

Broadcast history

The episodes originally aired Sundays at 8:30–9:00 p.m. (EST) on the Fox Broadcasting Company. [2] [3]

Eastern Time Zone time zone observing UTC−05:00 during standard time and UTC−04:00 during daylight saving time

The Eastern Time Zone (ET) is a time zone encompassing part or all of 22 states in the eastern part of the contiguous United States, parts of eastern Canada, the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico, Panama in Central America, and the Caribbean Islands.

Fox Broadcasting Company American television network

The Fox Broadcasting Company is an American commercial terrestrial television network that is a flagship property of the Fox Corporation. The network is headquartered at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in New York City, with additional offices at the Fox Broadcasting Center and at the Fox Television Center in Los Angeles.


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
131"How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying" Adam Kuhlman Paul Lieberstein September 21, 1997 (1997-09-21)5E01
When Bobby displays a talent for target shooting, Hank signs up for a father–son fun shoot competition—only to discover a buried childhood memory is still sadly affecting his aim.
142"Texas City Twister"Jeff MyersCheryl HollidaySeptember 28, 1997 (1997-09-28)5E02
Hank must save Peggy and Luanne from a tornado after he regrets not showing remorse for throwing Luanne out of the house and moving her back to the trailer that she moved out of after her mother tried to kill her father.
153"Arrow Head" Klay Hall Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger October 19, 1997 (1997-10-19)5E04
Peggy's excitement over finding Indian artifacts in the front yard distresses Hank when a condescending university professor tricks Peggy into letting him dig in the Hills' yard.
164"Hilloween"John Rice David Zuckerman October 26, 1997 (1997-10-26)5E06
Hank goes to war with a litigious Evangelical Christian woman (voice of Sally Field) bent on banning Halloween and indoctrinating the kids by inviting them to a hell house.
175"Jumpin' Crack Bass (It's a Gas, Gas, Gas)"Gary McCarverAlan R. Cohen & Alan FreedlandNovember 2, 1997 (1997-11-02)5E03
Hank finds himself facing possible jail time after mistakenly buying crack cocaine to use as fish bait and the only way out is to prove that crack cocaine can be useful as fish bait.
186"Husky Bobby"Martin Archer Jonathan Collier November 9, 1997 (1997-11-09)5E05
Hank is determined to save his son from humiliation after Bobby decides to model for a husky boy clothing line.
197"The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteberg"Monte Young Johnny Hardwick November 16, 1997 (1997-11-16)5E07
Hank, Boomhauer, Bill and Dale face off in a paintball war against the teenage members of a garage band (guest-voiced by the members of the pop-punk band Green Day).
208"The Son That Got Away"Tricia Garcia Jim Dauterive November 23, 1997 (1997-11-23)5E08
Bobby, Connie and Joseph run away to "The Caves", where "half of Arlen's unplanned pregnancies begin," after each of them gets in trouble at school for disrupting class.
219"The Company Man"Klay HallJim DauteriveDecember 7, 1997 (1997-12-07)4E12
When a new housing development is in need of a propane supplier, Buck instructs Hank to show the owner, an obnoxious Northerner who acts like a Southerner, a good time. However, Hank is none too thrilled to learn that this will require him to act like a cowboy stereotype.
NOTE: This episode aired during season two and is usually shown in its aired order as a second season episode, despite having a season one production code. It is also included on the Season 1 DVD.
2210"Bobby Slam"Chris MoellerGina FattoreDecember 14, 1997 (1997-12-14)5E10
Hank is delighted when Bobby announces he is joining the school wrestling team, but Peggy is mortified when she learns her son must first wrestle Connie in order to make the team.
2311"The Unbearable Blindness of Laying" Cyndi Tang Paul LiebersteinDecember 21, 1997 (1997-12-21)5E09
In this first Christmas episode, Hank is psychologically shocked into blindness after accidentally catching a glimpse of his mother and her new Jewish boyfriend (voiced by Carl Reiner) having sex on Hank's kitchen table.
2412"Meet the Manger Babies"Jeff MyersJonathan Aibel & Glenn BergerJanuary 11, 1998 (1998-01-11)5E12
Hank faces a dilemma of Biblical proportions when Luanne asks him to portray God in a live TV broadcast of her Christian puppet show, which is scheduled to occur during Hank's beloved Super Bowl party.
2513"Snow Job"Adam KuhlmanCheryl Holliday
Alan R. Cohen & Alan Freedland
Jim Dauterive
February 1, 1998 (1998-02-01)5E11
During a rare snowstorm in Texas, Buck Strickland has a heart attack and hires an incompetent worker to run his company while Hank is chosen to house-sit -- and Hank's world is shattered when he finds that Buck is only in the propane business for the cash and not the customer satisfaction.
2614"I Remember Mono" Wes Archer Paul LiebersteinFebruary 8, 1998 (1998-02-08)5E13
While updating files at Arlen High School, Peggy learns that Hank's two-week absence from classes during their high school days was due to mononucleosis, not a back injury, and is crushed that what was a romantic story of young love is now a lie.
2715"Three Days of the Kahndo" Lauren MacMullan John Altschuler & Dave KrinskyFebruary 15, 1998 (1998-02-15)5E15
Kahn's misreading of an advertisement for a Mexican timeshare results in him, Hank, and Dale getting trapped in Mexico, while Luanne and Bobby try to hide some contraband beauty products.
2816"Traffic Jam"Klay HallJohnny HardwickFebruary 22, 1998 (1998-02-22)5E14
When Hank and Kahn collide with each other's cars, they are both forced to attend traffic school courses taught by a raunchy black comedian (voiced by Chris Rock), who begins mentoring Bobby in the art of stand-up -- and who begins mining material from racist websites.
2917"Hank's Dirty Laundry"Shaun CashmanJonathan Aibel & Glenn BergerMarch 1, 1998 (1998-03-01)5E16
While purchasing a new dryer, Hank discovers that his credit is bad, thanks to a video store clerk who accuses Hank of renting a pornographic video and never returning it.
3018"The Final Shinsult"Jack DyerAlan R. Cohen & Alan FreedlandMarch 15, 1998 (1998-03-15)5E17
After losing his driver's license, Cotton moves in with Dale and plots to steal Antonio López de Santa Anna's wooden leg from a museum to use as a bargaining chip with the DMV.
3119"Leanne's Saga"Tricia GarciaDavid ZuckermanApril 19, 1998 (1998-04-19)5E18
Luanne's alcoholic mother is released from prison and starts dating Bill, whom she begins to abuse.
3220"Junkie Business"Cyndi TangJim DauteriveApril 26, 1998 (1998-04-26)5E19
Strickland Propane's new employee (whom Hank hired because he preferred a man over the qualified woman who applied) turns out to be a drug addict who uses a legal trick that frees him from responsibility on the job and from being fired. Meanwhile, Peggy fears that the woman Hank turned down for the job may be after Hank.
3321"Life in the Fast Lane, Bobby's Saga"Adam KuhlmanJohn Altschuler & Dave KrinskyMay 3, 1998 (1998-05-03)5E21
Bobby gets a job as a concession boy at the Arlen race track, where he discovers that his boss is a mean man (voice of David Herman). Hank pays very little attention to Bobby's horror stories until he witnesses the mistreatment firsthand. Meanwhile, Boomhauer is given the chance to drive the pace car in an upcoming race.
3422"Peggy's Turtle Song"Jeff Myers Brent Forrester May 10, 1998 (1998-05-10)5E22
When Bobby is misdiagnosed with attention deficit disorder (after eating too much sugary cereal and disrupting class), Peggy quits her job as a substitute teacher and becomes a stay-at-home mom, but soon realizes that she needs a hobby for her newfound time and begins taking guitar lessons.
3523"Propane Boom" (Part 1)Gary McCarver Norm Hiscock May 17, 1998 (1998-05-17)5E23
Part one of two. Strickland Propane experiences discontinuation from business after the wholesale of economical propane from Mega Lo Mart, rendering Hank unemployed and forcing him to collude in a plot to disrupt a publicity stunt.

Home release

The season was released on DVD by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. "The Company Man" was released on the Season 1 DVD due to its production code and is not included here, even though it airs as a season two episode on most syndicated packages (barring Cartoon Network's Adult Swim).

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