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Categories Political magazine
Arts magazine
PublisherDomirola Inc.
Year founded1973;47 years ago (1973)
Country Finland
Based in Helsinki
Language Finnish
Website Kulttuurivihkot
ISSN 0356-3367
OCLC 9306855

Kulttuurivihkot (meaning Cultural notes in English) is a left-wing Finnish language bimonthly political and arts magazine published in Helsinki, Finland.


History and profile

Kulttuurivihkot was founded by Association for Cultural Workers in Finland in 1973. [1] The magazine had a Marxist stance until 1991 when it became an independent left-wing magazine. [1] It is published by Domirola Inc. [2] on a bimonthly basis. [3] The magazine covers articles on arts, cultural politics and ideologies from a left-wing perspective. [1]

Kulttuurivihkot and the independent left, a political student organization at the University of Helsinki, have offered the Leonid Brezhnev peace prize since 2002. [2] The prize was named after the Soviet Union leader Leonid Brezhnev. [2] In 2002 the recipients of the award were George W. Bush, the then US president, and Tony Blair, the then prime minister of United Kingdom. [2]

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Sylvia Grace Borda is a Canadian artist working in photography, video, and emergent technologies. Outside of her artistic practice, Borda has worked as a curator, a lecturer, a multimedia framework architect with a specialization in content arrangement (GUI) and production. Born and raised in Vancouver, Borda is currently based in Vancouver, Helsinki, and Scotland. Borda studied anthropology and fine art at the undergraduate level at the University of British Columbia (1991–1996) and digital media at the graduate level, also at the University of British Columbia and photography and video at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Her work has been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally.


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