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Genre Comedy
Country of originGermany
Original language German
Running time25 minutes
Production company Brainpool TV AG
Original network Sat.1
Comedy Central Germany
Original release11 January 2002 (2002-01-11) 
31 May 2013 (2013-05-31)
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Ladykracher was a German sketch comedy show starring Anke Engelke. The show ran on Sat.1 from 2002 to 2004 and was produced by Brainpool. In 2008 the show was reproduced until 2013. [1]



All Ladykracher skits feature Anke Engelke. The promotion for the show said "The woman with 250 faces", referring Anke's talent for slipping into many different roles.


Daniel Wiemer Highroller.jpg
Daniel Wiemer
Anke Engelke Anke Engelke.jpg
Anke Engelke
ActorSeasonsGuest appearance
Anke Engelke1–8
Kai Lendrodt 1, 3–8
Bettina Lamprecht 1–8
Matthias Matschke 2–8
Katja Liebing 1–3
Christoph Maria Herbst 1–34
Dana Golombek 1–3
Guido Hammesfahr 1–3
Thomas Gimbel 1–3
Julia Stinshoff 1–2
Peter Nottmeier 1
Sandra Borgmann 2
Diana Greenwood 3
Angela Sandritter 3
Friederike Kempter 4–8
Charly Hübner 4–8
Daniel Wiemer 4–8
Holger Stockhaus 4–8
Lena Dörrie 4–8

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Die Wochenshow was a German weekly sketch comedy show that aired on Sat.1 and was produced by Brainpool TV. It first aired on 20 April 1996 and was cancelled early in 2002. The show saw a brief revival starting on 20 May 2011, but only eight episodes were broadcast before it was cancelled due to low ratings and bad press.

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Deutscher Comedypreis German comedy award

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