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This is a list of places in Belarus. At the higher administrative level, Belarus is divided into 6 voblasts (usually translated as regions or provinces ) and one municipality (horad, i.e., "city"); the latter one is a special status of the capital of Belarus.

Belarus country in Eastern Europe

Belarus, officially the Republic of Belarus, formerly known by its Russian name Byelorussia or Belorussia, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest. Its capital and most populous city is Minsk. Over 40% of its 207,600 square kilometres (80,200 sq mi) is forested. Its major economic sectors are service industries and manufacturing. Until the 20th century, different states at various times controlled the lands of modern-day Belarus, including the Principality of Polotsk, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, and the Russian Empire.

In geography, regions are areas that are broadly divided by physical characteristics, human impact characteristics, and the interaction of humanity and the environment. Geographic regions and sub-regions are mostly described by their imprecisely defined, and sometimes transitory boundaries, except in human geography, where jurisdiction areas such as national borders are defined in law.

A province is almost always an administrative division within a country or state. The term derives from the ancient Roman provincia, which was the major territorial and administrative unit of the Roman Empire's territorial possessions outside Italy. The term province has since been adopted by many countries. In some countries with no actual provinces, "the provinces" is a metaphorical term meaning "outside the capital city".

Minsk Capital city in Belarus

Minsk is the capital and largest city of Belarus, situated on the Svislač and the Nyamiha Rivers. As the national capital, Minsk has a special administrative status in Belarus and is the administrative centre of Minsk Region (voblasć) and Minsk District (rajon). The population in January 2018 was 1,982,444, making Minsk the 11th most populous city in Europe. Minsk is the administrative capital of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and seat of its Executive Secretary.

Brest, Belarus Place in Brest Region, Belarus

Brest, formerly Brest-Litowsk, is a city in Belarus at the border with Poland opposite the Polish city of Terespol, where the Bug and Mukhavets rivers meet. It is the capital city of the Brest Region.

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Regions of Belarus regions of the country of Belarus

At the top level of administration, Belarus is divided into six regions and the city of Minsk, which has a special status being the capital of Belarus. Minsk is also the capital of Minsk Region.

Asipovichy Place in Mogilev, Belarus

Asipovichy or Osipovichi is a town in Mahilyow Voblast, Belarus, located 136 km southwest of Mogilev, 3 km south of the Minsk-Homyel expressway. It is located at the junction of railway lines between Minsk, Homel, Mahilyow (Mogilev), and Baranavichy. As of 2009, its population was 32,543.

Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz (bishop) Roman Catholic archbishop

Archbishop Monsignor Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz is the Belarusian Roman Catholic Archbishop of Minsk and Mahilyow, Belarus.

The Belarusian Ridge is a line of terminal moraines in the northwest of Belarus. The feature is part of the East European Plain.

Belarusian Greek Catholic Church

The Belarusian Greek Catholic Church, sometimes called, in reference to its Byzantine Rite, the Belarusian Byzantine Catholic Church, is the heir within Belarus of the Union of Brest and Ruthenian Uniate Church. It is listed in the Annuario Pontificio as a sui iuris Church, an Eastern rite particular Church in full union with the Catholic Church.

The uses of heraldry in Belarus is used by government bodies, subdivisions of the national government, organizations, corporations and by families.

Belarusian passport passport

A Belarusian passport is issued to citizens of Belarus and is used for both external and internal travel. Unlike Russia and Ukraine, there are no internal passports in Belarus. Passports are issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belarus and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to citizens who live abroad.

Baranavichy Voblast oblast of a union republic of the Soviet Union

Baranavichy Oblast was a territorial unit in the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic created after the annexation of West Belarus into the BSSR in November 1939. The administrative centre of the province was the city of Baranavichy.

Outline of Belarus Overview of and topical guide to Belarus

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Belarus:

Geography of Belarus

Belarus, a landlocked, generally flat country without natural borders, occupies an area of 207,600 square kilometers (80,200 sq mi), or slightly smaller than the United Kingdom or the state of Kansas. Its neighbors are Russia to the east and northeast, Latvia to the north, Lithuania to the northwest, Poland to the west, and Ukraine to the south. Its extension from north to south is 560 km (350 mi), from west to east is 650 km (400 mi).

Rail transport in Belarus is owned by the national rail company BŽD / BČ. The railway network consists of 5,512 km, its gauge is 1,520 mm and 874 km are electrified.

Premier League is the premier professional futsal league in Belarus. It was founded in 1990. Organized by Football Federation of Belarus and is played under UEFA rules, currently consists of 16 teams.

Belarusian Orthodox Church exarchate

Belarusian Orthodox Church is the official name of the Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church in Belarus. It represents the union of Russian orthodox eparchies on the territory of Belarus and is the largest religious organization in the country, uniting the predominant majority of its Eastern Orthodox Christians.