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MARTa Herford
Herford MARTa 88.jpg
As seen from Goebenstrasse, a few days before opening
MARTa Herford
Location Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Coordinates 52°07′16″N8°40′06″E / 52.120982°N 8.668325°E / 52.120982; 8.668325

MARTa Herford is a contemporary art museum in Herford, Germany.

Building and history

The idea for the museum formed in 2000, drawing from Herford's status as a German center of furniture and home furnishing production. [1] The name MARTa is an acronym for Möbel (German for furniture), ART (simply art in English), and Ambiente (ambience). [2] The founding director of the museum was Jan Hoet, a noted Belgian curator. Roland Nachtigäller  [ de ] took over as director in 2009.

The building was designed by Frank Gehry and built by Archimedes GmbH. [3] Construction began in 2001, [4] and it officially opened to the public on May 7, 2005. [1]


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The Angermuseum, Erfurt's first municipal museum, was officially opened on 27 June 1886. It is housed in a building that used to house Erfurt's public weighing scales, where travelling mechants would bring their wares to be weighed for payment of the city's customs duties. The museum faces Anger square; Anger meaning a town common. Originally, only the gallery on the first floor was used for the museum.


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