Mapleshade Records

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Mapleshade Records
Founded1990 (1990)
Founder Pierre Sprey
Genre Jazz, blues, gospel, classical
Country of originUnited States
Location Baltimore, Maryland
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Mapleshade Records is an American jazz record company and independent record label founded by Pierre Sprey in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States, in 1990.


Mapleshade's catalogue includes Bobby Battle, Gary Bartz, Walter Davis, Clifford Jordan, Frank Kimbrough, and Norris Turney. Sprey, an engineer, built his equipment and has a recording studio in his house. At one time, Hamiet Bluiett and Larry Willis were artists and repertoire (A&R) men for the company. Both musicians recorded albums as leaders for the label. [1]

Before his career in jazz recording, Sprey worked as a systems analyst in The Pentagon, helping with the proposals for the A-10 and Lightweight Fighter program. [2]

A sister label, Wildchild Records, was founded in 1995. In later years the label branched into R&B and blues.


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