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Maranatha! Music
Parent companyUniversal Music
Founded1971 (1971)
Founder Chuck Smith
Distributor(s)Capitol Christian Music Distribution
Genre Jesus music, contemporary worship
Country of originUnited States
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Maranatha! Music is a Christian music record label which was founded as a nonprofit ministry of Calvary Chapel in 1971. The label is distributed by Capitol Christian Music Group, a division of Universal Music.



In the early 1970s Calvary Chapel was home to more than 15 musical groups [1] [2] that were representative of the Jesus movement. In 1971, Maranatha! Music was founded as a nonprofit outreach of Calvary Chapel to popularize and promote a new, folk-rock style of hymns and worship songs influenced by the Jesus people. [3] [4] [5] Some of the early Maranatha! recording groups were Sweet Comfort Band, Love Song, Chuck Girard, Children of the Day, The Way, Debby Kerner, Mustard Seed Faith, Karen Lafferty, and Daniel Amos. The label's first release was a various artists compilation entitled The Everlastin' Living Jesus Music Concert, in 1971. [1] The first release is also known as Maranatha! 1 as it became part of what would be called the Maranatha Series.

Maranatha! also branched into the children's market segment. Premier products included Psalty the Singing Songbook and The Kids Praise Album! . In the early 1990s this segment represented about 40% of company revenues. [1]

In the 1980s, Maranatha! launched Broken Records, a label focusing on modern rock, punk and alternative music. The "Colours" series contained instrumental music in the vein of New Age artists, but the label avoided the term. [6]


In 1990, Maranatha! was awarded the National Religious Broadcasters' President's Award. In 1991, the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Gospel Music Association. [7]

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Maranatha Sanctuary Series – Colours Reissues

Note: This series is the same as the Maranatha Colours projects except the song titles have been renamed. The original artist and music are retained.


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The 20th Annual GMA Dove Awards were held on April 13, 1989, recognizing accomplishments of musicians for the year 1988. The show was held in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tom Howard was an American pianist, musical arranger and orchestral conductor.

<i>The Wind and the Wheat</i> 1987 studio album by Phil Keaggy

The Wind and the Wheat is the title of a 1987 instrumental album by guitarist Phil Keaggy, released on Maranatha! Music's Colours imprint. The album won the 1988 GMA Dove Award for Instrumental Album of the Year. It was remastered and re-issued in 2013.

Darrell Mansfield is an American vocalist, harmonica player, songwriter, recording artist, and performer of various genres including gospel, contemporary Christian music, blues, blues rock, rock, country rock, and soul/R&B. He is considered a pioneer of the Jesus Music movement of the 1970s and has influenced countless contemporary Christian music and mainstream artists alike.

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WOW Worship: Orange is a compilation CD of Christian Music in the WOW Worship series. It reached No. 65 on the Billboard 200 chart. WOW Worship: Orange was certified as platinum in sales in 2001 by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The album was certified as gold in Canada in 2001 by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA).

WOW Worship: Green is a compilation album of Christian music. It reached #78 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album was certified as gold in the US in 2002 by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It was certified as gold in Canada in 2003 by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA).

Debby Kerner & Ernie Rettino are American musicians best known as the creators of the characters from the Psalty the Singing Songbook in the Kids' Praise! series of Christian children's musical albums. Together, they have also created Solomon the Supersonic Salamander, and Hi-Tops.

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Matthew Ward is one of the pioneers of the Jesus music genre, later to be called contemporary Christian music. He is best known as a member of the trio 2nd Chapter of Acts, in which he sang and performed with his sisters Annie Herring and Nellie (Ward) Greisen. During his musical career with the 2nd Chapter of Acts from 1973 to 1988, he also recorded solo albums.

Alejandro Alonso was a Mexican Christian guitar player, singer and composer.

This is a listing of official releases by Phil Keaggy, an American acoustic and electric guitarist and vocalist.

<i>Dream Again</i> (Phil Keaggy album) 2006 studio album by Phil Keaggy

Dream Again is an album by guitarist Phil Keaggy, released in 2006. His first new studio vocal album since the 2000 release of Lights of Madrid, Keaggy described it as a "relationship album." It contains songs dedicated to his older sisters, his wife Bernadette, and his daughter Olivia, as well as other personal references. Additionally, his son Ian adds acoustic guitar and vocals and his daughter Alicia performs vocals on "Micah 6:8".

Kelly Willard is a contemporary Christian musician best known for her praise and worship recordings. She was featured as a soloist on projects from Integrity, Vineyard Music, and Maranatha! Music. In addition she sang duets and background vocals with such artists as Dion DiMucci, Lenny LeBlanc, Amy Grant, Ricky Skaggs, Paul Overstreet, Twila Paris, Steve Green, Fernando Ortega, Keith Green, Buddy Greene, Jim Cole and many others. Kelly has also recorded nine solo projects, currently offered through her website.

The 19th Annual GMA Dove Awards were held on 1988 recognizing accomplishments of musicians for the year 1987. The show was held in Nashville, Tennessee.


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