Broken Records (record label)

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Broken Records
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Parent company Maranatha! Music
Founded1985 (1985)
GenreChristian rock
Country of originU.S.

Broken Records was an American Christian rock record label founded in 1985. The label closed in the early 1990s.[ citation needed ]

Broken Records became an important label in the development of both the West Coast Christian alternative rock and Christian hip hop scenes. [1] It focused primarily on modern rock, punk and new wave music.

Artists signed to Broken Records included: Level Heads, The Altar Boys, The Choir, Crumbächer, The 77s, 4-4-1, Riki Michele, Adam Again and Undercover.

After having difficulties with its distributor, the label was for a time run successfully as Brainstorm Artists International (by Ojo Taylor and Gene Eugene). [2]


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Bryan "Braille" Winchester is an American hip hop recording artist. He has been writing and recording hip-hop music since he was 13 years old. For a short time, Bryan and his family relocated to the Marlton section of Evesham Township, New Jersey where he attended Eastern Regional High School in Voorhees Township. Fully focused on music, Bryan Winchester adopted the stage name Braille Brizzy and headed back to experience the Portland music scene. The MC originally named himself "Reflection" and released one very narrowly distributed demo under the name, but later changed it to Braille.

Rene Vasquez, known by the stage name Peace 586, is an American Christian hip hop producer and emcee. His career began in the late 1980s, and has continued until the present.

Christopher Jose Cooper, professionally known as Soup the Chemist, and Super C, is an American Christian hip hop musician, and a pioneer of the Christian hip hop movement. He was a member of the hip hop group Soldiers for Christ, also known as S.F.C., and, as a solo artist, has released two studio albums, Dust, in 2000 through BEC Recordings and Eargasmic Arrangements, in 2003 through his own Beesyde Records label. He published an autobiography, Through My Windows, in 2014, through Dimlights Publishing.


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