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Adam Again
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L–R: Gene Eugene, Paul Valadez, Greg Lawless, Jon Knox, Riki Michele
Background information
Origin Huntington Beach, California, United States
Genres Alternative rock, funk rock
Years active1982–2000
Past members

Adam Again is an American rock band that was active from 1982 until the 2000 death of founder, leader and vocalist Gene Eugene, with Riki Michele on vocals, Paul Valadez on bass, Jon Knox on drums, Greg Lawless on guitar. Dan Michaels often played saxophone.


Thom Jurek of AllMusic has described them as "inventive and artfully canny." [1] The band never achieved commercial viability and quit touring and recording together after March 20, 2000, when Eugene died in his recording studio, the "fabulous" Green Room. On September 20, 2013, bassist Paul Valadez died. [2]



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