Marcello Giombini

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Marcello Giombini
Born(1928-07-24)24 July 1928
Rome, Italy
Died12 December 2003(2003-12-12) (aged 75)
Assisi, Italy
GenresFilm scores

Marcello Giombini (24 July 1928 in Rome, Italy 12 December 2003 in Assisi, Italy) was an Italian composer, well known for scoring many Spaghetti Westerns, [1] Italian horror and giallo movies, and 1960s peplum films. He is best remembered for his score to the original Sabata (1969), which starred Lee Van Cleef.


His son Pierluigi Giombini is also an accomplished musician and composer.

Additional biographical information, compositions, filmography, and discography may be found (in Italian) at Marcello Giombini.


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