Marcia Muller

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Marcia Muller
Born (1944-09-28) September 28, 1944 (age 76)
Detroit, Michigan
Alma mater University of Michigan
Genre Thriller/mystery
Spouse Bill Pronzini

Marcia Muller (born September 28, 1944 [1] ) is an American author of fictional mystery and thriller novels. [2]


Muller has written many novels featuring her Sharon McCone female private detective character. Vanishing Point won the Shamus Award for Best P.I. Novel. [3] Muller had been nominated for the Shamus Award four times previously. [4]

In 2005, Muller was awarded the Mystery Writers of America's Grand Master award.

She was born in Detroit, Michigan, and grew up in Birmingham, Michigan, and graduated in English from the University of Michigan and worked as a journalist at Sunset magazine. [5] She is married to detective fiction author Bill Pronzini with whom she has collaborated on several novels.

Sharon McCone Series

  1. Edwin of the Iron Shoes (October, 1977)
  2. Ask the Cards A Question (May, 1982)
  3. The Cheshire Cat's Eye (January, 1983)
  4. Games to Keep the Dark Away (1984)
  5. Leave A Message for Willie (September, 1984)
  6. Double (October, 1984) (co-written with her husband, Bill Pronzini)
  7. There's Nothing to Be Afraid of (August, 1985)
  8. Eye of the Storm (March, 1988)
  9. There's Something in A Sunday (January, 1989)
  10. The Shape of Dread (November, 1989)
  11. Trophies and Dead Things (September, 1990)
  12. Where Echoes Live (July, 1991)
  13. Pennies on A Dead Woman's Eyes (July, 1992)
  14. Wolf in the Shadows (July, 1993)
  15. Till the Butchers Cut Him Down (July, 1994)
  16. A Wild and Lonely Place (August, 1995)
  17. The Broken Promise Land (June, 1996)
  18. Both Ends of the Night (July, 1997)
  19. While Other People Sleep (July, 1998)
  20. A Walk Through the Fire (May, 1999)
  21. Listen to the Silence (July, 2000)
  22. Dead Midnight (July, 2002)
  23. The Dangerous Hour (July, 2004)
  24. Vanishing Point (July, 2006)
  25. The Ever-Running Man (July, 2007)
  26. Burn Out (October, 2008)
  27. Locked In (October, 2009)
  28. Coming Back (October, 2010)
  29. City of Whispers (October, 2011)
  30. Looking For Yesterday (November, 2012)
  31. The Night Searchers (July, 2014)
  32. Someone Always Knows (July, 2016)
  33. The Color of Fear (August, 2017)
  34. The Breakers (August, 2018)

Other works

Carpenter and Quincannon Mysteries

  1. The Bughouse Affair (2013) (co-written with Bill Pronzini)
  2. The Spook Lights Affair (2013) (co-written with Bill Pronzini)
  3. The Body Snatchers Affair (2015) (co-written with Bill Pronzini)
  4. The Plagues of Thieves Affair (2016) (co-written with Bill Pronzini)
  5. Dangerous Ladies Affair (2017) (co-written with Bill Pronzini)

Elena Oliverez series

  1. The Tree of Death (1983)
  2. The Legend of the Slain Soldiers (1985)
  3. Beyond the Grave (1986) (co-written with Bill Pronzini)

Joanna Stark series

  1. The Cavalier in White (1986)
  2. There Hangs the Knife (1988)
  3. Dark Star (1989)

Soledad County series

  1. Point Deception (2001)
  2. Cyanide Wells (2003)
  3. Cape Perdido (2005)

Anthologies and collections


Stand alone novels

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