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Matthias Freihof
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Born (1961-11-25) 25 November 1961 (age 59)
OccupationActor, singer and director
Years active1989-present

Matthias Freihof (born 25 November 1961) is a German television actor and director. He has performed in many TV films and series including police drama Siska for 5 years. but also works on live stage performing as an actor and a singer. He is most known former the GDR-film 'Coming Out' in 1989. He and the film won prizes in several festivals as best actor and best film as well as 'The Silver Bear' in the Berlin Film Festival 1990.



Freihof was born in Plauen [1] on 25 November 1961. [2] After graduating from high school and completing his three-year military service in the NVA, Freihof then studied at Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. [3] [4] He made his stage debut at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin between 1983/84 in The Pilot Of the Stars. [5] He then spent two years at the Kleist Theater in Frankfurt (Oder) between 1987-89. His first TV Movie role was a student in Die erste Reihe in 1987.

His first DEFA film was "Käthe Kollwitz" and he played the son of Jutta Wachowiak. [6] His second film role aged 27, was in one of the last DEFA productions called Coming Out ,a film with homosexual content. He played Philip a teacher realising late in life he is gay. [7] Matthias Freihof also came out as gay man after the film. [8] He had a coming out when he was a teenager, but for he wanted to "come out" in public (interviews). [6]

In 1989, he performed in Cabaret Intim at the Berliner Palast der Republik and then Spass am sein in 1990. From 1992 to 1994, he went on an international tour with the musical program Leidenschaften. [2]

Freihof has also been active as a singer. [9] One of his released songs is titled Tastes Your Life after Chamomile Tea (1989).

Then between 1996/1997, he was seen as a teacher 'Boris Magnus' in the ARD in Marienhof. Then from 1998 to 2003, in 50 episodes, he played the role of 'Assistant Lorenz Wigand' of Chief Commissioner Siska in the eponymous ZDF channel crime series. [10] He had guest appearances in, among others , Mona M. - Mit den Waffen einer Frau in 1996, Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei in 1996 and Der Alte in 1997.

At times he taught as a lecturer at his former drama school, the Ernst Busch and the Berlin School of Drama.

In the movie Valkyrie about The Stauffenberg assassination (or Operation Valkyrie), which reconstructed the assassination of Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1944 and in which Tom Cruise took over the part of Stauffenberg. Freihof embodied the Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel (or SS), Heinrich Himmler. [11] His two short scenes, however, were cut out so that it could not be seen in the final theatrical version. [3]

After leaving the TV show Siska, he has mainly worked on the stage. In 2008, he directed a play called "Ganz Kerle", which was performed in the Berlin theater 'Theater am Kurfürstendamm'. [8] [10] He also brought Canadian comedy "Whole Guys" by Kerry Renards to the stage. [10] He has directed in Düsseldorf and had a starring role at Berlin's Schlosspark-Theater. [4]



1986Käthe Kollwitz
1989 Coming Out Philipp Klarmann
1994Im Zeichen der Liebe
1997Not a Love SongKarl
2000Zurück auf Los!Bastl [12] [13]
2001Courts mais Gay: Tome 2(segment "Les 3 souhaits")
2002 Führer Ex Stasi-Offizier
2008 Valkyrie Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler
2010Die Friseuse (The Hairdresser)Micha
2014:Der Tropfen - Ein RoadmoviePfarrer Brhl


1987Die erste ReiheStudent(TV Movie)
1991Mokka für den Tiger(TV Movie)
1992Hamburger GiftDirektionsassistent(TV Movie)
1993 Ein Fall für zwei Rüdiger KleinertTV Series, 1 episode
Motzki SchlosserTV Mini-Series, 2 episodes
1994 Die Männer vom K3 Arthur HerfordTV Series, 1 episode
1994-2012 SOKO 5113 Georg von Heinemann (2012)/ Siegfried Weisshäupl (2010)/ Michael Grosz (1994 + 2000)TV Series, 4 episodes
1996LianeJournalist Ziemer(TV Movie)
SK-Babies Marc KönigTV Series, 1 episode
Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei Jochen Seyfert / Polizeimeister Jochen SeyfertTV Series, 8 episodes
Mona M. – Mit den Waffen einer FrauFrankTV Series, 1 episode
1996-1997 Marienhof Boris MagnusTV Series, 2 episodes
1997Lea Katz – Die Kriminalpsychologin: Einer von unsBernd May(TV Movie)
The Old Fox Ingo Orlak (1997)/ Manfred Kiessling (1997)TV Series, 2 episodes
Parkhotel Stern Dan NortonTV Series, 1 episode
TodesspielChefpilot Schumann(TV Movie documentary)
1998-2003 Siska Lorenz WiegandTV Series, 50 episodes
2000 Stubbe – Von Fall zu Fall Gottfried WilfertTV Series, 1 episode
Für alle Fälle Stefanie RainerTV Series, 1 episode
2001Vera Brühne (or The Trials of Vera B.)Lawyer Kubalek(TV Movie)
2002Highspeed – Die LedercopsLieutenant DannertTV Series, 1 episode
2003Geschlecht weiblichDr. Westermann(TV Movie)
2004-2009 In aller Freundschaft Andreas Reuter (2009)/ Florian Bauer (2004)TV Series, 2 episodes
2004-2010 Tatort Ernst Heck (2010)/ Röckmann (2004)TV Series, 2 episodes
2006The CrowsJasper(TV Movie)
2007 SOKO Rhein-Main Lucky SchäferTV Series, 1 episode
2007-2014 Küstenwache Christian Voss (2014)/ Daniel Hege (2008)/ Bruno Fredersen (2007)TV Series, 3 episodes
2009 SOKO Wismar Dr. Frank LindenrothTV Series, 1 episode
2009-2017 Leipzig Homicide Anwalt Harald Kordes (2017)/ Dr. Grohe (2013)/ Harry Rhese (2009)TV Series, 3 episodes
2009-2015 Notruf Hafenkante Siegfried Höpfner (2015)/ Dr. Bauer (2009)TV Series, 2 episodes
2011-2013 Stuttgart Homicide Jürgen Schierle (2013)/ Philip Stark (2011)TV Series, 2 episodes
2012Nicht mit mir, LieblingWachmann Lutz(TV Movie)
2014Letzte Spur BerlinDr. KirstenTV Series, 1 episode
Sprung ins LebenDr. Thomas Hopenberg(TV Movie)
2018Ihr seid natürlich eingeladenStandesbeamter(TV Movie)

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