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Mauke Airport
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Mauke Airport is an airport on Mauke in the Cook Islands ( IATA : MUK, ICAO : NCMK).

Airlines and destinations

Air Rarotonga Mitiaro, Rarotonga

Coordinates: 20°08′12″S157°20′41″W / 20.13667°S 157.34472°W / -20.13667; -157.34472

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Areora is one of four traditional districts on the island of Mauke in the Cook Islands. It is in the south of the island, and is subdivided into three tapere.

Ngaputoru is the generic name give to the islands of Atiu, Mauke, Mitiaro and Takutea in the Cook Islands archipelago. In the Cook Islands Māori language, the term means "the (nga) roots (pu) three (toru)", or in English "the three roots". Ngaputoru, which is a term used locally, refers to family ties of the ariki (chiefs) of Atiu, Mauke and Mitiaro. The island of Takutea is uninhabited. These islands are in the easternmost part of the Southern Cook Islands.

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Renewable energy in the Cook Islands is primarily provided by solar energy and biomass. Since 2011 the Cook Islands has embarked on a programme of renewable energy development to improve its energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with an initial goal of reaching 50% renewable electricity by 2015, and 100% by 2020. The programme has been assisted by the governments of Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, and the Asian Development Bank.

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