OLD (band)

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Also known asOld Lady Drivers
Origin Bergenfield, New Jersey
Genres Grindcore (early), industrial metal (later), avant-garde metal
Years active1986–2002
Labels Earache
Associated actsRegurgitation, Khanate, Khlyst
Members James Plotkin, Alan Dubin
Past members Jason Everman, Ralph Pimentel, Herschel Gaer

OLD (originally an acronym for Old Lady Drivers) was an American heavy metal band from Bergenfield, New Jersey, formed in 1986 and signed to Earache Records. It featured Alan Dubin on vocals, and James Plotkin on guitars and programming, both of whom would later form the experimental doom metal band Khanate.



OLD formed from the remains of Plotkin's previous band, the short-lived grindcore act "Regurgitation". OLD's first album, entitled "Old Lady Drivers", continued in the humorous, parodic style of grindcore which characterized Regurgitation's material.

After releasing a split EP with Assück in 1990, Plotkin recruited former Nirvana guitarist Jason Everman for their second album, Lo Flux Tube (1991). This album featured more avant-garde and industrial metal influences in addition to their basic tongue-in-cheek grindcore, giving them a sound which was compared by some reviewers to a more uptempo Godflesh. Lo Flux Tube also featured saxophone work by guest musician John Zorn.

OLD continued their avant-garde direction with their third album, The Musical Dimensions Of Sleastak (1993). Several tracks from that album, "A Beginning", "Two of Me (Parts One and Two)", "Freak Now", and "Peri Cynthion", appeared in the 1994 film Brainscan . [1]

Also in 1993, the band released Hold On To Your Face, an album of remixes. At the time, the practice of remixing was virtually unheard of in heavy metal music. The band's final album, Formula (1995), delved into further experimentation with techno and industrial music. OLD broke up shortly after releasing this album. Plotkin went on to pursue a successful career not just as a musician, but also as a record producer and remix artist, working with many notable musicians across a number of different genres, particularly drone, noise, and sludge metal.


At the time of the breakup

Previous members


All releases were on Earache Records, except where otherwise noted.

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Formula is an album by industrial/metal band OLD. It is their last full-length to date, and the group was condensed to a duo, with James Plotkin handling all instruments and Alan Dubin handling all vocals.

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<i>Old Lady Drivers</i> (album) 1988 studio album by OLD

Old Lady Drivers is the debut album by the heavy metal band OLD. It was made as a parody of the grindcore acts of the 1980s.

<i>Lo Flux Tube</i> 1991 studio album by OLD

Lo Flux Tube is the second album by the band OLD. It marked a change in style for the band, abandoning their previous grindcore parody in favor of a much more industrial and experimental sound.

The Musical Dimensions of Sleastak is the third full-length album by the band OLD. It continues their melding of harsher industrial and experimental sounds. This is the last album of this loud, atonal style, which the band gives up on their next album, 1995's Formula. The album title is a reference to the Sleestak, the lizard-like antagonists in the 1974 TV series Land of the Lost. The single "Freak Now" was included on the soundtrack to the 1994 film Brainscan, as well as used in the movie. The tracks "A Beginning", "Two of Me ", and "Peri Cynthion" were also used in the film.


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