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OOIOO performing at All Tomorrow's Parties, 2004
Background information
Origin Japan
Years active1996–present
Labels Trattoria Records, Thrill Jockey
Associated acts Boredoms
Website ooioo.jp
Past membersKyoko

OOIOO is a Japanese experimental rock band. The four-piece ensemble was founded by Boredoms drummer and occasional trumpeter and vocalist Yoshimi P-We (also known as Yoshimio). [1] The band's origin lie in a photo shoot that Yoshimi was asked to do for a magazine. She invited a few of her friends to join her, and they created a fake band for the shoot, which they later decided to make real. [2] The band quickly gained attention by being the opening act for Sonic Youth in 1997 on their Japan tour. [3]


According to AllMusic's Kieran McCarthy "It's next to impossible to describe their sound, because — by design — it rarely follows consistent patterns". [1] Some of their music has been described as having "a majestic ebb and flow that suggests natural wonders" [4] or a "witchy, tribal side". [4] Either way, at any one time it may incorporate chanting and punchy drums, [4] dancey polyrhythms [5] atonal composition [5] or psychedelia. [6]






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<i>Yunnan Colorfree</i> 2007 soundtrack album by Yoshimio

Yunnan Colorfree is a solo album by Yoshimi P-We under the name Yoshimio. The music is a soundtrack to a documentary movie of the same name; the movie focuses on the women of Yunnan, a remote area in southern China—near Tibet, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. The album contains guest vocals by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth as well as a cover of the Sonic Youth track "Death Valley '69"

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