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Okta Logue
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Okta Logue
Background information
Origin Griesheim, Germany
Genres Psychedelic rock, indie-rock
Years active2010–present
Labels Columbia, Sony, The End Records (US only), former labels: Nasoni Records
MembersBenno Herz (voc,bass)
Philip Meloi (lead guitar)
Max Schneider (organ, synths)
Robert Herz (dr)
Past membersNicolai Hildebrandt
Website www.oktalogue.com

Okta Logue are a four-piece rock band based in Griesheim, Hessen Germany. The members consist of Benno Herz (bassist/vocalist), his brother Robert Herz (drums), Philip Meloi (lead guitarist), and Max Schneider (organ, synthesizers). Their style is often referred to as being influenced by '60s psychedelic rock bands mixed with modern indie rock elements. [1]



Okta Logue live at Rock am Ring 2017 Okta Logue - Rock am Ring 2017-AL6554.jpg
Okta Logue live at Rock am Ring 2017

Okta Logue first formed in the winter of 2007, as Zaphire Oktalogue. Benno Herz and Philip Meloi first began jamming with brother Robert Herz in their rehearsal room in Griesheim and recorded their first demo on Berlin-based independent record label Nasoni Records. While the band was officially a trio at this time, Nicolai Hildebrandt played some synthesizer parts on this first self-titled LP. Shortly thereafter, Nicolai Hildebrandt officially joined the band. Zaphire Oktalogue thus was renamed to "Okta Logue" now being a quartet. In winter, 2009, the band began writing their first official album Ballads of a Burden, which was again released on Nasoni Records. When in 2011, the band got signed to their current label Columbia / Sony Music, Ballads of a Burden was re-released on a larger scale. Their second and current album Tales of Transit City was released on Columbia / Sony Music on May 25, 2013 which was very well received among critics and brought further international attention to the band [2] [3] which led to an international video premiere of “Transit“ on Noisey.

Since their foundation, Okta Logue has played numerous concerts all over Europe and were invited to play support for well-known acts such as Portugal. The Man and Neil Young & Crazy Horse on their European dates in 2013. [4] [5] On October 1, their current album Tales of Transit City was released on New York based label The End Records [6] for the US market. [6] Alongside of the release in the US, the band scheduled their first US tour in October including appearances at CMJ in New York and the Culture Collide Festival in Los Angeles. [7] [8]

On February 11, 2016 it was announced via their Facebook Page that Nicolai Hildebrandt left the band to follow a new path. In the same post, they welcome Max Schneider as a new member of the band. [9]

With the new formation Benno Herz, Philip Meloi, Robert Herz and Max Schneider toured a lot before they took some time off in 2018 to work on their fourth studio album. It is going to be released on May 31 via the Hamburg-based label Clouds Hill and is called "Runway Markings". [10] Along the release the band will go on a small release tour through Germany and Austria.

Videos and awards

Apart from their musical output, Okta Logue has been especially recognised for their visual performances as well. The music video for the first single release from the album Ballads Of A Burden has received several awards, among them the prestigious first prize at the Visionale Filmfestival. [11] For their thriller movie-like video "Transit" which was premiered internationally on Noisey, they collaborated with German film director Christoph Holsten. [12] Other music videos, including "Judith" and "Let Go" (which was premiered on Spin.com) [2] were again made by the band itself with keyboardist Nicolai Hildebrandt credited as screenwriter and director.

Picture of the band Oktalogue a.jpg
Picture of the band


TitleAlbum detailsTrack listing
Ballads Of A Burden
  • "Bright Lights"
  • "Just To Hear You Sleep"
  • "Deal With The Digger"
  • "Mr. Zoot Suit"
  • "Shine Like Gold"
  • "Decay"
Transit EP
  • "Transit"
  • "Let Go"
  • "Bright Lights"
  • "Decay (Okta Logue Remix)"
  • "Transit" Video
  • "Bright Lights" Video
Tales Of Transit City
  • "Transit"
  • "Mr. Busdriver"
  • "Dream On"
  • "Let Go"
  • "Chase The Day"
  • "Judith"
  • "Cats In The Alley"
  • "Just To Fall Asleep"
  • "You"
Diamonds And Despair
  • Label: Virgin Records Germany / Universal Music
  • Formats: CD: EAN 00602547749215, Vinyl EAN 00602547749239
  • Release: 15 April 2016
  • Charts: 68 in the German Albums Top 100 Chart (April 22, 2016) [13]
  • "Pitch Black Dark"
  • Helpless
  • Stars Collage
  • Waves
  • Diamonds And Despair
  • Heat
  • Under the Pale Moon
  • It's Been a While
  • One-Way Ticket to Breakdown
  • Wasted With You
  • Heroes of the Night
  • Distance
  • Summer Days
  • Take It All
Runway Markings
  • Label: Clouds Hill (Warner)
  • Release: 31 May 2019
  • recorded in the analog Studio Clouds Hill Recordings [14]
  • Yesterday's Ghosts
  • Devil's Dance
  • River Street
  • Runway Markings
  • Part of the Show
  • In Every Stream Home a Heartache
  • Interlude
  • Chocolate and Soda
  • The Wheel
  • Julie
  • Signals and Signs
  • Out of Gas

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