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A warm-up act, opening act, or supporting act is an entertainment act (musical, comedic, or otherwise), that performs at a concert before the featured act, or "headliner". Rarely, an opening act may perform again at the end of the event, or perform with the featured act after both have had a set to themselves.

Headliner (performances) main act in a live music, theatre, or comedy performance; generally, the headliner is the final act in a performance, preceded by the opening act(s)

A headliner is the main act in a music, theatre, or comedy performance. Generally, the headliner is the final act in a performance, preceded by the opening act(s).

The opening act's performance serves to "warm up" the audience, making it appropriately excited and enthusiastic for the headliner.

In rock music, the opening act will usually be an up-and-coming group with a smaller following than the featured artist. On long concert tours, different opening acts may be used for different legs of the tour.

Rock music is a broad genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in the United States in the early 1950s, and developed into a range of different styles in the 1960s and later, particularly in the United Kingdom and in the United States. It has its roots in 1940s and 1950s rock and roll, a style which drew heavily on the genres of blues, rhythm and blues, and from country music. Rock music also drew strongly on a number of other genres such as electric blues and folk, and incorporated influences from jazz, classical and other musical styles. Musically, rock has centered on the electric guitar, usually as part of a rock group with electric bass, drums, and one or more singers. Usually, rock is song-based music usually with a 4/4 time signature using a verse–chorus form, but the genre has become extremely diverse. Like pop music, lyrics often stress romantic love but also address a wide variety of other themes that are frequently social or political.

Concert tour series of concerts by a single artist in different venues

A concert tour is a series of concerts by an artist or group of artists in different cities, countries or locations. Often concert tours are named to differentiate different tours by the same artist and to associate a specific tour with a particular album or product. Especially in the popular music world, such tours can become large-scale enterprises that last for several months or even years, are seen by hundreds of thousands or millions of people, and bring in millions of dollars in ticket revenues. A performer who embarks on a concert tour is called a touring artist.

The undercard is a similar concept in sports.

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The Darkness (band) British band

The Darkness are a British rock band formed in 2000. The band consists of Justin Hawkins, his brother Dan Hawkins, Frankie Poullain and Rufus Tiger Taylor (drums).

Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre is an outdoor music venue located in Tinley Park, Illinois that opened in 1990. It is one of the largest music venues in the Chicago area, with a capacity of up to 28,000 spectators; 11,000 reserved seats, 17,000 lawn seats.

Elvis the Concert is a concert tour started in 1997 that features a video and the voice of Elvis Presley performing with his 1970s backup band via computer technology.

Hollywood Rock

Hollywood Rock was a music festival which took place in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, from 1988 to 1996, featuring both Brazilian and international acts. The festival was sponsored and organised by the Souza Cruz tobacco company, owners of the Hollywood cigarette brand, taking its name from an unrelated festival that occurred in 1975 with an all-Brazilian lineup. After a law was passed by the Senate of Brazil prohibiting tobacco and alcohol companies from sponsoring cultural and sporting events, the festival was cancelled. The festival did not happen in 1989 or 1991.

The Catch a Fire was a concert tour organised to support the album Catch a Fire by The Wailers.

The Unholy Alliance Tour

The Unholy Alliance Tour is a biennial heavy metal concert tour of Europe and North America, with the tag-line "Preaching to the Perverted". The tour is headlined by the thrash metal band Slayer, and featured Trivium, Amon Amarth and Mastodon in its latest edition.

The Black Parade World Tour concert tour

The Black Parade World Tour was a concert tour to support and celebrate My Chemical Romance's third album The Black Parade. The tour featured 133 performances worldwide, as well as several festival and condensed shows. The tour is the longest and most internationally comprehensive headlining tour that the band has played to date, featuring three legs in North America, one leg in Europe and one in Asia, Australia and South America. During the tour, the band's drummer Bob Bryar suffered several different medical issues and towards the tour's end, took a hiatus to allow himself to heal and returned for the final few shows of the tour, while bass player Mikey Way also took a hiatus to marry his fianceé and spend time with her before going onto the road. A concert was filmed at the performance in Mexico City from the tour, which was released as a part of the CD/DVD set The Black Parade Is Dead!. The CD features the audio from the concert, and the DVD contains both the Mexico concert and another in New Jersey later in the same month.

Sheer Heart Attack Tour concert tour

The Sheer Heart Attack Tour was the first world tour by the British rock band Queen, and supported their 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack.

Done with Mirrors Tour

The Done with Mirrors Tour was a concert tour by American hard rock band Aerosmith that lasted from August 1985 to August 1986. The tour was put on in support of the band's 1985 comeback album Done with Mirrors, released in November 1985.

My World Tour debut concert tour by Justin Bieber

The My World Tour was the debut concert tour by Canadian recording artist Justin Bieber. It is Bieber's first concert tour which supports his two-part debut album My World and My World 2.0. The tour was officially announced on March 16, 2010, a week before My World 2.0 was released. The tour has multiple legs with the supporting acts of Mindless Behavior, Sean Kingston and Jessica Jarrell on North American dates and pop girl group The Stunners also joined the tour for the first twenty dates. Jasmine Villegas joined the tour as opening act for the second leg. The first leg of the tour is estimated to have grossed $35.6 million post inflation. The tour made a total of $53,341,886 worldwide.

Hollywood Blues Tour

The Hollywood Blues Tour was a concert tour through the United States and Canada, undertaken by American rock band ZZ Top. Named after a warm-up show at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California, the tour was their second of which to be staged without a supporting album. As a result, they did not perform any newer material. Although this was a criticism for the tour, it was generally well-received—a critic from The Florida Times-Union regarded the band as "one of rock's most reliable acts; you just know they're going to put on a good show". In contrast to ZZ Top's elaborately-staged productions from previous tours, the Hollywood Blues Tour utilized an austere stage setup. To embrace the group's renowned concept of visual imagery, the stage featured an LED drape for a backdrop video screen that showed visual effects, video clips and flashing text phrases, along with amplifiers stacks and a Van de Graaff generator.

Would You Like a Tour? 2013-2015 tour by Drake

The Would You Like a Tour? was the third headlining tour by Canadian rapper Drake. It began on October 18, 2013 in Pittsburgh and continued until March 5, 2015 with its final show scheduled in Brisbane, Australia. Scheduled for 66 performances across North America, Europe, and Oceania, the tour was produced by Live Nation in conjunction with his third studio album, Nothing Was the Same.

Jack & Jack American pop-rap duo

Jack & Jack are an American pop-rap duo from Omaha, Nebraska, consisting of Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky, who are now based in Los Angeles, California. After success via the social media app Vine, the duo turned to a career as musicians. Their 2014 single "Wild Life" peaked at number 87 on the US Billboard Hot 100. They also featured on Jonas Blue's 2018 hit single "Rise", which has so far peaked at number three in the UK Singles Chart in addition to charting within the top 20 of various other European countries and Australia. Both attended Omaha Westside High School.

The Reflection Tour

The Reflection Tour was the first major headlining concert tour by American girl group Fifth Harmony. Visiting Europe, North America and Asia, the tour supported their debut studio album, Reflection. Fifth Harmony was not backed by a band or backing singers, instead, they opted for studio recorded versions of songs from their album and an acoustic set for covers. The setlist consisted mostly of songs from Reflection, with several adapted from their debut extended play, Better Together along with several medley covers. The shows garnered acclaim from critical reviews, many praising the group's vocal performance, the show's overall themes and the song transitions.

Revival Tour Selena Gomez World Tour 2016

The Revival Tour was the second solo concert tour by Selena Gomez, in support of her second solo studio album Revival (2015). The tour began in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on May 6, 2016, and concluded in Auckland, New Zealand at the Vector Arena on August 13, 2016.

Future Now Tour

The Future Now Tour was a co-headlining concert tour by American singers Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. It is Lovato's fifth headlining tour, promoting her fifth studio album Confident (2015), and Jonas' third concert tour, promoting his third studio album Last Year Was Complicated (2016). The co-headlining tour started on June 29, 2016, in Atlanta and ended on September 17, 2016, in Inglewood, California. Lovato continued the tour as a solo headlining act on September 24, 2016 in New York City, and the tour concluded in Monterrey on October 19, 2016.

DCX MMXVI World Tour

The DCX MMXVI World Tour was the fifth headlining concert tour from American country music trio Dixie Chicks. It started on April 16, 2016, in Antwerp, Belgium and finished on April 18, 2017, in London, Ontario, Canada. This tour is the first time in ten years the band has toured the United States and Australia as a headlining act. It is the first time the band will perform in New Zealand. For the shows in 2017, the tour was renamed the DCX MMXVII World Tour.

Summer Sixteen Tour

The Summer Sixteen Tour was a co-headlining concert tour by Canadian rapper Drake, and American rapper Future. It began on July 20, 2016 in Austin, and concluded with its final show in Toronto, Ontario on October 8, 2016. Scheduled for 60 performances across North America, the tour was produced by Apple Music in conjunction with Drake's fourth studio album, Views, Future's fourth studio album Evol, as well as their collaborative mixtape What a Time to Be Alive. Guest apperances include Fat Joe, 2 Chainz, Ty Dolla $ign, Young Thug, Kanye West,_ and more. The tour had a total gross of $84.3 million off 54 shows, making it the highest-grossing hip-hop tour of all time, until he broke this record with his own co-headlining Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour in 2018.