Out of the Shadow (1961 film)

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Out of the Shadow
"Out of the Shadow" (1961 film).jpg
Directed by Michael Winner
Written byMichael Winner
Produced byOlive Negus-Fancey
Michael Winner
Starring Terence Longdon
Donald Gray
Diane Clare
Robertson Hare
Dermot Walsh
CinematographyDick Bayley
Music byJackie Brown
Cy Payne
Border Film Productions
Distributed byNew Realm Pictures
Release date
Running time
61 min.
CountryUnited Kingdom

Out of the Shadow (also known as Murder on the Campus) is a 1961 British thriller film directed by Michael Winner and starring Terence Longdon, Donald Gray, Diane Clare, Robertson Hare and Dermot Walsh. [1]



Reporter Mark Kingston is informed that his brother, a student at Cambridge University, has committed suicide, but he is not convinced. The police dismiss his suspicions, so he begins his own investigation with the help of Mary Johnson, whose father, a professor, has gone missing.


Cricital reception

The reviewer for Kine Weekly wrote: "The tale is a bit involved but the characters, adequately portrayed, are briskly shuffled, its light relief is apt, the romantic asides are agreeable, and it ends on a lively, if hardly unexpected, note. What’s more, the backgrounds are authentic. Safe quota 'second'." [2]

Monthly Film Bulletin said: "A not uninteresting plot, if perhaps too liberally loaded with red herrings, and the Cambridge settings are the best features in an otherwise shoddily-made and -played second feature." [3]

DVD release

The film was released on DVD in the UK in October 2013, in a two-film collection with the thriller Final Appointment (1954). Instead of being called Out of the Shadow, it was given the title Murder on the Campus, even though there is no campus in Cambridge.

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