Panthers (band)

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Origin Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Genres Punk rock, hardcore punk
Years active2000–present
Labels Vice, Dim Mak, Troubleman Unlimited
Associated acts
MembersJustin Chearno
Geoff Garlock
Jayson Green
Jeff Salane
Kip Uhlhorn

Panthers is an American punk rock band from Brooklyn, New York City. The Village Voice described them as "groundbreaking dissonant HC (hardcore) with Rolling Stones swagger." [1] Three members were previously in the hardcore band Orchid. [2] Panthers have released four records. The most recent two, The Trick and Things Are Strange were released on Vice Records. Prior to that they released via Dim Mak Records and Troubleman Unlimited.


They began as a side project by members of the bands Orchid, Turing Machine, and The Red Scare. [3]

Kip Uhlhorn went on to form the band Cloudland Canyon with Simon Wojan of King Khan & the Shrines.

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