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Patient UK
Industry Medicine and Healthcare
Founded 1996
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
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Key people
Owner EMIS Health

Patient UK is a subsidiary of EMIS Health. First launching in 1996 [1] as a directory of UK websites providing health related information, the company now provides digital healthcare products to the general public in the form of and Patient Access.

Contents is an online resource providing information on health, lifestyle, disease and other medical related topics. The website's aim is to provide members of the public with up-to-date information on health related topics in the form of comprehensive leaflets (which can be read online or printed), blogs, wellbeing advice and videos. Leaflets are compiled and reviewed by qualified medical practitioners with several years of experience in the medical profession. Users also have access to a symptom checker where they may attempt to self-diagnose any health condition they may have. As well as these resources, there is also a community forum to discuss any health topics with other users of the website, however this section is not actively reviewed by any healthcare professionals. [2] .

Another section of the website contains articles and content geared towards medical professionals. These professional articles are typically written in a more technical manner, going into more specific detail and using more industry-specific language and jargon.

There is also a paid-for service called Patient Pro, where users may pay a monthly subscription fee in order to gain access to enhanced site capability. [3]

Information on is updated to keep abreast of the latest medical evidence, with each leaflet reviewed every two years or earlier when necessary (whichever comes first). [4]

In 2013, the site appeared in a "Top 50 websites" feature published in The Times . [5]

Patient Access

Patient Access is a service that enables users to connect with their GP online. It is available to users through a website, as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Users are able to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, send messages to their practice, and view their medical records remotely. Individual GP practices have control over which services they provide to their patients. [6]

According to Patient UK, 'more than half' of practices in the UK are connected to Patient Access. [7]


Patient claims to have won several awards for its content over several years from different award bodies. [8]


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