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Petronilla is a Late Latin feminine given name. The name is a diminutive form of Petronia, itself the feminine form of Petronius, a Roman family name. Saint Petronilla is an early Roman saint, later interpreted as the daughter of Saint Peter. She became the patron saint of the Frankish kings, and her chapel became the burial place for French kings.
The derived form Petronella, later changed to Pieternella, has been popular in the Netherlands since the Middle Ages, perhaps due to Gertrude, Countess of Holland, adopting this name around 1100. [1] In daily life, many people with this given name use a short form, like Petra, Nel, Nelleke, Nelly, Ella, Ellen, and Elly.

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Catharina is a feminine given name, the Dutch and Swedish spelling of the name Catherine. In the Netherlands, people use a great number of short forms in daily life, including Carine, Catelijne, Cato, Ina, Ineke, Kaat, Kaatje, Karen, Karin, Katja, Katrien, Katrijn, Kitty, Nienke, Rina, Tineke, Tiny, Toos, Trijn, Trijntje, and many others. People with the name include:

Adriana, also spelled Adrianna, is a Latin name and feminine form of Adrian. It originates from present day Italy.

Georgia is a feminine given name originating from the Greek word Γεωργία, meaning agriculture. It shares this origin with the masculine version of the name, George.

Elke (Éhl-kah) is a feminine given name. Different sources give different accounts of its origin. One source describes it as a Low German and East Frisian diminutive of Adelheid, meaning "of noble birth". Another states that it originated as a Yiddish feminine variant of Elkan, which itself came from the Biblical name Elkanah.

Petra is a feminine given name. It is a feminine form of Peter, which is derived from the Greek word "πέτρα" meaning "stone, rock". It is also a common first name in German-speaking countries, the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia.

Ellie, or Elly, is a given name, usually feminine. The name stands on its own or can be a shortened form of any of the numerous female names beginning with the syllable El-, in particular Eleanor or Elizabeth and Elvira. It can also be a short form of Elena, Michelle, Elnaz, Elham, Elaheh, Eliana, Eloise, Emelia, Elisa, Ellisha, Elisha, Elesha, Shelly, Eleni, or Petronella and as a masculine name of Eleazer, Elliot, Elron, or Elston. In Greek mythology, Ellie (Helle) was the daughter of Athamas and Nephele; sister of Phrixus.

Alida is a feminine given name, a common Dutch version of Adelaide until about 1960. Notable people with the name include:

Geertruida is a Dutch feminine given name cognate to English Gertrude. It was a common name, but its use has declined steadily since about 1950. Bearers often used short forms in daily life, like Geertje, Troy, Trudy, Trui, and Truus. People with the name include:

Hendrika is a Dutch feminine given name, derived from the male name Hendrik ("Henry"). Most people with the name use short forms in daily life, like Henda, Hennie, Henny, Hetty, Ria, Rie, Riek and Rika. Hendrika can refer to:

Nel is both a South African (Afrikaans) surname and a Dutch feminine given name. Notable people with the name include:

Ineke is Dutch feminine given name. It originated as a diminutive of Ina, which can be a short form of a number names, like Catharina, Gesina, Hendrina, Klazina, etc. It is also a rare possibly matronymic surname in the Netherlands. Ineke may refer to

Cornelia is a feminine given name. It is a feminine form of the name Cornelius or Cornelis. Nel, Nele, Nelly, Corey, Lia or Nelia can be used as a shortened version of Cornelia. Conny, Connie, Nele or Neele are popular German short forms used in their own right. Lia is a short version of the Dutch name.

Margaretha is the standard Dutch form of the feminine given name Margaret as well as a common form of it in Sweden. In daily life, many use a short form, like Gré, Greet, Greta, Grietje, Marga, Margo, Margot, Margreet, Margriet, and Meta. People with the name include:

Marijke, sometimes written as Mareike is a Dutch feminine given name. It is originally a diminutive of Mary. Phonetically, the name is said muh-rye´-kah/keh, preferably with a rolling “r”. People with this name include:

Ria is a feminine given name. In the West, it is often a short form of Maria. Ria is also a common Indonesian name meaning joy or hilarity. People with the name include:

Corrie or Corry is a given name, often a diminutive, short form of Cornelia or Cornelius.


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