Pucky Ali

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Pucky Ali
Masood Ali

14 June 1954
Other namesPucky
ChildrenMahir Ali, Maseeha Ali
Parent(s) Mehmood Ali
RelativesSee Ali-Amrohi family

Pucky Ali (born Masood Ali) is a former Indian film actor. He is the eldest son of India's ace comedian Mehmood Ali and elder brother of singer Lucky Ali.


Early and personal life

Ali is the first of the eight children of the popular Bollywood actor, Mehmood. His mother Mahelaka, was part Bengali and part Pathan, the sister of the popular Indian actress of the 1960s – Meena Kumari. The Bollywood actress and dancer, Minoo Mumtaz, is his paternal aunt. Masood has two children, Mahir and Maseeha. Ali retired from the film industry due to disinterest and currently resides in Bengaluru, Karnataka.


Pucky Ali acted in the 1978 movie Ek Baap Chhe Bete , starring his father along with all his brothers and Hamare Tumhare , which was also the debut movie for Anil Kapoor in 1979. [1] [2] He played the role of AK Hangal's son "Anwar" in the 1982 movie Khud-Daar , credited as "Ali Masood".

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