RTL Late Night

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RTL Late Night
RTL Late Night 2015 (1).JPG
Genre Talk show
Presented by Humberto Tan
Twan Huys
Theme music composer Stephen Emmer
Country of origin Netherlands
Original language Dutch
Producer Fremantle
Production locationsNH Schiller Hotel, Amsterdam
Running time60 minutes
Production company RTL Nederland
Original network RTL 4
Original release26 August 2013 (2013-08-26) 
4 March 2019 (2019-03-04)
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RTL Late Night was a Dutch late night television talkshow. It was broadcast from August 26, 2013, to March 4, 2019, on commercial station RTL 4 on weekdays between 22:30 and 23:40.



In the daily program, guests are seated at a table to discuss current news or sport topics. Richard Groenendijk, Jan Heemskerk, Jan van Hooff, Goedele Liekens, Frits Spits, Saskia Noort, Arjan Postma, Peter R. de Vries, Gerard Ekdom and Jan Jaap van der Wal had a recurring appearance in the show's broadcasts. Luuk Ikink and Marieke Elsinga were among those who discussed the most striking news of the day and the best virals or videos.

The recordings were initially from the American Hotel in the capital city Amsterdam, but since April 2014 the studio is located in NH Schiller Hotel in the same city.

Change of host

RTL Late Night was hosted by Humberto Tan who made it an instant success. After a period of declining views and media-backlash, Tan announced his departure in February 2018. His final shows, in the week of June 4–8, were full of surprises including a 13-minute version of Roast . Twan Huys replaced Tan for what became the final months of RTL Late Night.

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