Reno (1930 film)

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Directed by George J. Crone
Written by Harry Chandlee(adapt./dialogue)
Douglas W. Churchill(adapt./dialogue)
Based onReno (1929 novel)
by Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr.
Produced by George W. Weeks
Starring Ruth Roland
Montagu Love
Distributed by Sono Art-World Wide Pictures
Release date
October 1, 1930
Running time
65 minutes; 8 reels
CountryUnited States
LanguagesSound (All-Talking)

Reno is a 1930 American pre-Code all-talking sound drama film directed by George J. Crone and starring silent serial queen Ruth Roland. It was produced and distributed by early sound era production studio Sono Art-World Wide Pictures. Roland's sound film debut, she would follow up with only one more talkie. [1]




The film featured a theme song entitled "As Long As We're Together" with words and music by Ben Bard and Leslie Barton.

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