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Renown Pictures Corporation
Type Film distributor
Industry Film
Founded1938;84 years ago (1938)
Founder George Minter

Renown Pictures Corporation is a British film distributor founded by producer George Minter in 1938. [1] [2]



Renown's releases include:

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Lester Raymond Brown was an American jazz musician who led the big band Les Brown and His Band of Renown for nearly seven decades from 1938 to 2000.

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Dennistoun Franklyn John Rose Price was an English actor, best remembered for his role as Louis Mazzini in the film Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) and for his portrayal of the omniscient valet Jeeves in 1960s television adaptations of P. G. Wodehouse's stories.

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Warwick Films was a film company founded by film producers Irving Allen and Albert R. Broccoli in London in 1951. The name was taken from the Warwick Hotel in London. Their films were released by Columbia Pictures.

<i>The Pickwick Papers</i> (1952 film) 1952 British film

The Pickwick Papers is a 1952 British historical comedy drama film written and directed by Noel Langley and starring James Hayter, James Donald, Nigel Patrick and Joyce Grenfell. It is based on the Charles Dickens’s 1837 novel of the same name. It was made by Renown Pictures who had successfully released another Dickens adapation Scrooge the previous year.

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<i>Pleasures of the Rich</i> 1926 film by Louis J. Gasnier

Pleasures of the Rich is a 1926 American silent romantic drama film directed by Louis J. Gasnier and produced by Tiffany Pictures with a general distribution through Renown Pictures. The film featured several well known performers of the time, such as Helene Chadwick, Jack Mulhall, Hedda Hopper and Mary Carr.

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Ejaz Durrani, known mononymously as Ejaz, was a Pakistani film actor, director and producer active from 1956 to 1984. He was married to legendary Pakistani actress-singer Noor Jehan. He is mostly remembered for his portrayal of Ranjha in the film Heer Ranjha (1970). He was especially known for portraying Punjabi culture folk heroes in epic love stories such as Heer Ranjha and Mirza Sahiban.

James George Minter, also known as J.G. Minter, was a British film producer and screenwriter born in Islington, London. He established the company Renown.

Music Hall Parade is a 1939 British musical film directed by Oswald Mitchell. The film featured Glen Raynham, Richard Norris (actor), and Charles Sewell. Sid Palmer also had a role. The story is about a daughter who works to keep her father's music hall going after his death. The film was reissued in 1940 as Cavalcade of Variety. The film was produced at the Walton on Thames studios. Renown Pictures released a digitally remastered edition of the film in 2011.


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